Out the Door

Last Saturday, we bade farewell to 348 undergraduates: 279 Bachelors of Arts, six Bachelors of Music, and 69 Bachelors of Science. The Class of 2005 was almost a fourth smaller than the Class of 2004, though the ratio of B.S. to B.A. graduates went up considerably.

Moravian also graduated 16 Masters of Business Administration and 10 Masters of Education.

The College awarded an honorary doctorate to Gaston Caperton, former governor of West Virginia and president of the College Board. The Baccalaureate speaker was Rev. Luis A. Cortés Jr., an activist for the Latino community and president of Esperanza USA.

Speakers at Commencement were Michael McCartney for the undergraduates; M.B.A. candidate Janette Roman for the graduate students; and Chris Jones, assistant professor of biology, for the faculty.

Moravian Theological Seminary graduated 22 candidates for degrees and certificates. It awarded an honorary doctorate to D. Wayne Burkette ’69 M.Div., a veteran pastor and head of Salem Academy in North Carolina.

May 17, 2005

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