Goings and Comings

We are losing two faculty members unexpectedly:

Gordon Williams, assistant professor of mathematics, is heading to Ursinus College, where his wife (also a math professor) works. Moreover, Collegeville is where they live. No more commuting in his Mini-Cooper!

Lisa Cave, assistant professor of economics and business, is returning to Kentucky, whence she came, to get married.

A replacement for Lisa has been hired; the math search is in progress.

Larry Bezdziecki, associate professor of economics and business (accounting), retired at the end of this academic year. Clarke Chapman is in the third year of a three-year phased retirement and will be teaching half-time.

Incoming faculty :

• Barbara Vinciguerra, visiting assistant professor of accounting. B.S. (accounting), Penn State; M.B.A. (finance), Temple University; Ph.D. (business administration), Drexel University. She has been teaching at Penn State’s Great Valley campus. Two-year appointment. She succeeds Larry.

• Kelly Denton-Borhaug, assistant professor of religion. B.A., Cal State at Northridge; M.Div., Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary; Ph.D., Graduate Theological Union. Currently chaplain and assistant professor of religion at Goucher College. She fills in for Clarke.

• The Chemistry Department is trying something new: a husbandand- wife team sharing the new assistant professorship in biochemistry. Stephen and Shari Uldrich Dunham, coming from Colby College, have arranged their lives to be able to teach, research, and take care of their children, says Dan Libby, their department chair. One will teach in the fall semester, the other in the spring. Stephen holds a B.A. from Hamline University and a Ph.D. from Montana State University; Shari, B.A., Drew University, and Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

• Erica Miller Yozell, instructor of Spanish. B.A., Brown University; language study at Middlebury College and Emory University; Ph.D., Penn.

• James Paxton, assistant professor of history, replaces Rosalind Remer as our colonialist. B.A., University of Toronto; M.A., Virginia Tech; Ph.D., Queen’s University. Jamie is, as you can probably tell, Canadian, and his take on American Colonial history is a shade different, perhaps, from what we all learned in primary school.

• Sean Mulholland, assistant professor of economics and business (environmental economics). B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Clemson University. He replaces Lisa Cave.

At its April meeting, the Board of Trustees approved these promotions and changes of status:

• Tenure: Chris Jones, assistant professor of biology; Eva Leeds, associate professor of economics and business; Barbara Liebhaber, assistant professor of music; Carol Moeller, assistant professor of philosophy.

• To the rank of professor: Peter von Allmen, economics and business; and Doug Pollard, physical education.

• To emeritus, Larry Bezdziecki, associate professor of accounting.

May 17, 2005

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