Someone to Watch Over Me

Retiring dean of CGS leaves it ready for growth. From a campus e-mail by Curt Keim, vice president for academic affairs.

Our friend and colleague Linda Heindel, an extraordinarily caring, dedicated, and competent professional who has devoted much of her life to our College, will retire June 30. After more than 26 years, 21 of them in continuing educatio, the time has come for her to retire from full- time service so that she may indulge her other interests: the history of science, local history, Native American literature and culture, caprine husbandry (goats), gardening, and playing the piano.

Linda received her A.B. from Lebanon Valley College, her M.A. from the University of Delaware, and her Ph.D. from Lehigh University. She began her career as a high school English teacher, then moved to the college level, teaching at the University of Delaware, Lehigh University, and Allentown College of St. Francis de Sales (now DeSales University) as well as Moravian College. At Allentown College, she became part-time coordinator of its Access program, which led to her change in career paths to continuing adult education. Linda became assistant dean of the Division of Continuing Studies in 1982, then dean of Continuing and Graduate Studies in 1993.

Linda’s creative leadership has resulted in the certificate programs, May Term, the master’s degree in education, outreach programs to Arabic and Vietnamese communities, custom contract courses for area businesses, one-night-per-week scheduling, and the Windmill Foundation Scholarship (from a private donation of $140,000). Her leadership has made it possible for us to embark on our current pathway toward separation of day and evening classes.

Most of all, we know Linda as someone whose energy, enthusiasm, and warmth have enriched us, strengthened us, and provided us rays of sunshine on gloomy days.

From a farewell letter by Linda Heindel

I have met such a remarkable group of people in these two decades—more than anyone else, you students.

I have seen examples of enormous courage in overcoming personal illness, the illness of children or of parents . . . courage in meeting economic catastrophe, when a spouse cleaned out the bank account and left you with nothing, or when your company closed and left you with only a pink slip . . . courage, and imagination, in fighting for an education.

And I have been privileged to rejoice in the new job, in the honors project successfully defended, in the graduation attended by your relatives from continents away.

I’ve been thrilled at your accomplishments, at how well you have done, how fiercely you have fought to get this precious education that lets your innate intelligence find avenues of expression.

My biggest thrill, perhaps, has been to see you discover just how really smart you are. That door of opportunity opened, and you just flew right through.

You have been role models for your friends and most of all for your children. They’ve seen that an education may be hard won but is worth every ounce of effort.

So I thank each and every one of you CGS students for what you have contributed to my lifelong learning. You are indeed very special teachers.

Originally printed in the spring issue of The Lamplighter, newsletter of the Division of Continuing and Graduate Studies.

A farewell dinner for Linda will be held Friday, June 20, in the HUB. Contributions in honor of her retirement may be made to the scholarship funds of the Division of Continuing and Graduate Studies.

In the fall, Linda will work part-time for the College, advising students in the post-baccalaureate education certificate program while Jack Dilendik is on sabbatical.

June 18, 2003

Someone to Watch Over Me:
A farewell to Linda Heindel, outgoing dean of Continuing and Graduate Studies. A message from Curt Keim and a letter to her students by Linda.

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