What's in a Name?

We direct to your attention several recent changes of

  • The Employee Relations Committee is now the Employee Communications Committee.
  • Pennsylvania Blue Shield is now Highmark Blue Shield, and its PPO network name has been changed to PremierBlue Shield. Accompanying this are new plastic membership cards to replace the paper ones that shred in the laundry when you leave them in your pockets.
  • As of July 1, Facilities Services will become Facilities Management, Planning, and Construction. This means Doug Plotts, director of FMPC, has the longest title on campus.


June 18, 2003

Someone to Watch Over Me:
A farewell to Linda Heindel, outgoing dean of Continuing and Graduate Studies. A message from Curt Keim and a letter to her students by Linda.

What's in a Name?:
Facilities Planning and Pennsylvania Blue Shield adopt new names.
Past Perfect:
Exhibit of yearbooks and other archival activities.
Family Affairs:
Graduates in the Moravian College family.
On Account:
Accounting Club awards.
A preview of May 30-31.
July Jazz Getaway:
Concert schedule.
New faculty.
Faculty/staff/student achievements.