Family Affairs

Congratulations to those members of the College family who saw their kids (or, in one case, her spouse) in cap and gown at this Commencement.

  • Otto Dreydoppel Jr. ’74, assistant professor of church history, Moravian Theological Seminary; Sarah Marie Dreydoppel, B.A. magna cum laude in history and elementary education.
  • Odell Guyton ’77, Board of Trustees; Kiley Jeanelle Guyton, B.A. cum laude with honors in Spanish. She also won an Irving S. Amrhein Prize in foreign languages.
  • Deb Hinkel, secretary to the president; Drew Scott Hinkel, B.A. in English.
  • Karen Kurvink, associate professor of biology; David de las Casas-Kurvink, B.A. in psychology.
  • Sue O’Hare, assistant to the bursar; Bernard Vincent O’Hare IV, B.S. with honors in chemistry.
  • Verdi Quinn ’98, registrar and assistant to the dean, Seminary; Kara Ann Donnelly, B.A. cum laude in management.
  • John Reynolds, professor of political science; J. William Reynolds (“He’s trying to carve out his own identity,” explained his father), B.A. magna cum laude with honors in political science. He also won the Ronald J. Stupak Award in political science.
  • Veronika Sanderova ’00, manager of media services; Jirí Stavovcík, B.A. in accounting.
  • Nancy Strobel, Reeves Library assistant; Jennifer L. Strobel, B.A. magna cum laude in economics.
  • Anita Tannous, financial aid assistant; Jennifer Anne Tannous, B.A. in English..
  • Gary Wright, assistant professor of management; Cynthia Dawn Wright, B.A. in art education.
  • Claudia Zile, receptionist at the Seminary; Michael Jonathan Zile, B.A. in management.

And we have these proud parents whos children went to alternative institutions:

  • Lori Hoffman, assistant professor of nursing; Jack Mattrey, B.A. summa cum laude in industrial management and information technology, Arizona State University.
  • Marlene Mitchell, cashier; Mark Wesley Mitchell, B.F.A. cum laude in graphic design, Rochester Institute of Technology.
  • Barbara Schultz,assistant director of plant services; Pamela Jean Schultz, B.A. in political science and psychology, Syracuse University.
  • Sean Tallarico, director of campus safety; Danielle Tallarico, B.A. summa cum laude in English and communications, University of Pittsburgh.

June 18, 2003

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