The softball team made it “only” to the first stage of post-season playoff, losing to perennial nemesis Salisbury University 6-2 at the regional championships in May.

But they set a pack of records.

Here are some of the stats (with thanks to sports information director Mark Fleming and Marty Jo Moyle of the Athletics Office):

• Meagan Hennessy ’06: 609 career strikeours, 277 of them earned this season. Meagan also has pitched four career no-hitters, three of them this season. In school history, she is first, second, and fifth in shutouts per season and first for career shutouts (37). She also has the highest total strikeouts in school history for the past three seasons: 164 in 2003, 168 in 2004, and 277 in 2005. And she returns next year!

• Danielle Carrione ’07: 299 season put-outs, many earned as catcher for Meagan. She is first in school history in this category.

• Richelle McWilliams ’06: 10 season home runs. She also came in fourth in school history for runs in a season (37 in 2005); and second and fifth in game-winning RBI’s (10 this season and six in 2004). Her 16 career RBI’s (2003-05) put her in fourth place in school history.

• Heather Bortz ’05: In addition to setting an NCAA all-division record last year for longest hitting streak (44 games), she has 253 career hits and 137 career runs. Heather played 169 career games and Kristen Cianfichi ’05 162, holding second and fourth place in school history. Melissa Soroka ’04 is in first place, with 174.

Heather is first in school history for career at-bats (567). She also is first and fifth in season at-bats: 165 in 2004 and 145 this season. She had the most hits per game this season (five against Juniata College), tying a school record set by Linda Atiyeh ’88 and Melissa dePamphilis ’91 in 1988.

She was first in hits in the last three seasons (67 in 2003, 74 in 2004, 62 in 2005); and first in career hits, with 253. Finally, she had the highest batting average in 2003 (.496) and the highest career batting average in school history (.446 for the last three seasons).

June 14, 2005

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