Anniversary Waltz

These staff members celebrated service anniversaries in the spring semester:

* Jon Conrad, human resources
* John Williams, development
* Carol Olszewski, CGS
* Amber Kortbawi ’00, CIT
** Joel Labriola, campus safety
** Pam Kalapay, library
** Ann Claussen ’73, HUB
** Myron Kowalski ’96, CIT
*** Stephen Barron, facilities
*** Erica Bayles Mondok ’90, admissions
*** Jim Mackin, admissions
*** Deb Evans, consituent relations
**** Sean Tallarico, campus safety
***** Doug Plotts, facilities

Faculty celebrate their service anniversaries at the end of the academic year. Here are this year’s benchmarkers.

* Michelle Schmidt, psychology
* Joe Shosh ’88, education
* Mark Will-Weber, track coach
* Paul Moyer, athletics director
** Carmen Ferrero Pino, Spanish
*** Jim Barnes, music
*** Sandy Fluck, education
*** Peter von Allmen, economics
**** Karen Kurvink, biology
**** Fred Schultheis ’77, mathematics
***** Larry Bezdziecki, accounting
***** Curt Keim, academic dean
****** Larry Lipkis, music
******* Dennis Glew, history
******* Jack Ramsey, theater
******** Jim Mitchell, biology

Each star represents five years.

June 14, 2005

Hugs, Hoods, Honors:
Graduation photos of faculty/staff offspring and of Erin Kratzer, cheerleading coach who earned her M.Ed.

Obituary for Morris Bader, professor of chemistry emeritus, and notice of memorial service.

Softball team sets many records this season.

Graduation list of faculty/staff offspring.

Anniversary Waltz:
Faculty/staff service anniversaries.
July Jazz Getaway.
faculty/staff/student accomplishments .