It's My Party

Faculty turns tables for Marge’s 25th year.

Carol J. Vogler '80, '86 will speak at Baccalaureate.The ringleader was Bettie
Smolansky, professor of sociology.

When it became known that Marge Holland would celebrate her 25th year of service as hostess of the Laros Room, Bettie arranged a luncheon not to be forgotten.

The faculty who eat regularly in the Laros Room went early on Friday, May 7, and arranged the furniture into a banquet table.

When Marge came in, they sat her at the head of the table and waited on her.

Marge is a spry 78 and enjoys the company she meets on her weekday job. It gets her out of the house, she says.

Table talk: Marge Holland at the head of the table, flanked on her left by Carol Traupman-Carr ’86, associate dean of academic affairs; H. Paty Eiffe, retired director of the HUB; and Lori Toedter, professor of psychology. On her right is Alicia Sevilla, chair of mathmatics and computer science. Above, Marge chats with Lillian Davenport, retired director of academic counseling services, and Jack Ramsey, professor of theater.

June 16, 2004

It's My Party!
Faculty springs a surprise lunch on Marge Holland for her 25th anniversary as server in the Laros Room.
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