Bethlehem Street

No, really. This is Bethlehem Street in Tondabayashi, Japan, sister-city of our fair city.

Jane Schaffer, secretary to the academic affairs office and chairman of the sister city commission, helps Tondabayashi officials cut the ribbon for the newly renamed street during the May term trip to Japan by College faculty and students.

The lady on the end is Anne Dutlinger, chair of the Art Department. Her striped dress echoes the barber-pole stripes of the stanchion, which is one of those rhythmic echoes they’re always trying to tell you about in art apprection class.

July 14, 2004

The March Upcountry
Moravian police officer serves in Kosovo.
Bethlehem Street
Free-standing photo of Bethlehem Street in Tondabayashi, Japan, our sister city.
Lead the Way!
14 Moravian students attend LeaderShape, a leadership camp and workshop at the University of Illinois.
Errare humanum est
Corrections to Impact Awards announcement in last issue.

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