Prize People

Master groundskeeper Roy “Buck” Tarboro, his arm in a sling after shoulder surgery, accepts his Impact Award from Priscilla Payne Hurd. Photo: Regina Gower

As if it weren’t hard enough to hold a full-time job while taking classes toward a degree, three staff members have been inducted into the continuing education honor society for their excellence in being working students.

Doris Siegfried (CGS), Krista Schantz (Reeves Library), and Mark Newman (facilities) have become members of Alpha Sigma Lambda.

Doris is working on a B.A. in English. “I am close to being a junior,” she says, “but at the rate of a few courses a year, it takes a while to get to the destination of having a degree!”

Krista is majoring in management and sociology and hopes to receive her degree in 2007.

Mark says: “At the ripe age of 38 and a member of Schoeneck Moravian Church, I decided to pursue a college degree from scratch.”

Though he began with the idea of majoring in psychology, he has since built an individualized major in religious studies. “I will be at it for another eight years, give or take three years,” he says.

Mark plans to graduate in 2013 with a Master of Divinity or a master’s degree in pastoral counseling.

Also, three Impact Awards were given in the late spring.

Bernie Story ’80, vice president for enrollment, gave an award to Erica Bayles Mondok ’90, senior assistant director of admissions, and another to Sylvia Muller Doyle, associate director of development.

Master groundskeeper Roy “Buck” Tarboro received a chairman’s award from Priscilla Payne Hurd. “The first thing that visitors to our campus notice is the beauty of our grounds,” she said, complimenting Buck on his 25 years of service to the College.

July 19, 2005

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