They Paved Paradise

Just after you open this issue of InCommon, the new parking policy at Moravian goes into effect. (On August 31, to be exact.)

Your bumper sticker is no longer permission to park on or around campus. Instead, all those who use cars on campus will be issued tags that hang from the rear-view mirror. You must have one to park not only in campus lots but also in the streets around campus.

You can pick up one at the Campus Safety Office on Greenwich Street. You’ll need your car’s registration and proof of insurance, as well as your driver’s license and Moravian ID card. Information: Ext. 1421.

The new rules and regs are designed to provide more parking for faculty and staff commuters; to appease our neighbors; and to separate lots for short- and long-term usage. Some lots will be designated for employees and day students. Premium Resident tags are for those who have paid $250 to secure one of the 82 spaces on West Laurel Street, where our townhouse residences are, or in Lot I. (See the Moravian Student Handbook for a map of parking lots.)

Three new lots, with a total of 66 spaces, are in the planning stages, awaiting city approval for pavement. Two will be near the Facilities building and one near the Sigma Epsilon house on Iron Street.

In all day lots, parking is restricted to designated cars from 5:00 p.m. Sundays to 5:00 p.m. Fridays.

Hanging tags will have annual stickers. These are free to faculty, staff, and DCGS students; they cost $35 for day and Seminary students. The hanging tags must be visible in cars parked in the streets around campus. This is for control purposes, so that Campus Safety can assess the need for more parking and also deal with complaints from our neighbors.

Some fines will increase. Regular parking tickets stay at $20, but infringements of handicapped zones and fire lanes rise to $50. Freshmen with cars who park within a half-mile of campus (without permission) will be fined $250. Those who park in a premium resident space will be fined $50 plus towing costs. For those without the annual sticker, the ticket is $50.  

For commuting students, the College has secured a reduced parking rate—nine months for $360, if purchased at the start of fall term—at Liberty Center Parking Garage, Main and North streets.

A stop at the garage will be added to the campus shuttle bus route.
Questions or suggestions: Sean Tallarico, director of campus safety,, or Ext. 1421.

August 14, 2003

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