Heck's Angels

Photos (except the gull): Peter von Allmen

Riders on the storm: The three Lance Armstrong wannabes here accompanied Peter von Allmen, professor of economics, on a fourday, 200-mile bike trip around Lake Champlain, N.Y., earlier this summer. (This is how Peter spends a sabbatical.) Clockwise, Matthew Schultz, husband of Stacey Zaremba, professor of psychology; athletic trainer Bob Ward; and Bruce Haines, former Moravian admissions officer, now owner of Aardvark Sports Shops. Below, Peter’s son Tom, 15, who cleaned out the chase car afterward, assisted by the family dog, Dewey. Bottom right, the beady-eyed fellow is the spokesbird for a flock of gulls that dive-bombed the bikers. Other than avian interference, the cyclists had no other disasters, including flat tires, and they replenished their carbs nightly with much beer and pasta. “We’re already thinking about doing it again next year,” Peter says.

Left: Matthew Schultz / Right: Bob Ward

Left: Bruce Haines / Right: The Enemy

August 23 , 2005

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Freshman common reading, Mary Doria Russell’s The Sparrow.

Heck’s Angels:
Economics professor Peter von Allmen and friends bike around Lake Champlain.

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