Pen Pals

Winners of the 2004-05 Lebensfeld student writing prizes:

• Scholarly essay: Rachel Hogan ’05 for “A Seat at the Table: The Overlooked Role of Women in the Fight for Food and Drug Regulation in the United States.” Honorable mentions: Kate Helm ’05 for “When the Mighty Fall: Okonkwo in Achebe’s Things Fall Apart” and Regina LaCaruba ’05 for “The Microbiology of Bioremediation: The Mitigation of Toxic Wastes and Contamination.”

• Poetry: Brendan Wright ’05 for “Flinch.” Honorable mentions: Rachel Hogan for “Rope the Moon” and Alexis Vergalla ’06 for “small town in Massachusetts.”

• Short story: Alexis Vergalla for “Sprain.” Honorable mention: Sara Suleman ’05 for “Finding the Right Man.”

• Personal essay: Sarah Wagenseller ’05 for “Why I’m Afraid of Zombies.” Honorable mention: Peter Cunha ’07 for “A Woman Is a Soldier.”

• Writing 100 (fall): Ian Maynard (CGS) for “A Beautiful Day.” Honorable mention: Krystle Willing ’08 for “Freedom: The Price of Liberty.”

• Writing 100 (spring): Jessica Bodine ’08 for “Rejected.” Honorable mention: Danielle Corvacchioli ’08 for “Adapting Literature to Film: Preserving Elements of Story in The Quiet American.”

And btw, we welcome back Joyce Hinnefeld, assistant professor of English and director of the Writing Center, from her sabbatical, and bid farewell to Tracey Cummings, who has taken her place this past year.

August 23 , 2005

While You Were Away:
Repairs and construction projects completed over the summer.

Uncommon Reading:
Freshman common reading, Mary Doria Russell’s The Sparrow.

Heck’s Angels:
Economics professor Peter von Allmen and friends bike around Lake Champlain.

Pen Pals:
Lebenfeld Prize, student writing award-winners.

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