Photo: Christie Jacobsen ’00

This young red-tailed hawk showed up first thing in the morning for some days this summer to overlook campus from the catbird seat.

Thanks to Annette Chopin Lare, who saw the hawk, and to Ron Kline and Ted Mouras, who identified the species.

September 1, 2004

Ballot Box
College helps students register to vote.
Perched atop Comenius, he surveys campus.
Three Down
Of three Olympic hopefuls from the College, two were just shy of qualifying for Athens and the third had a middling day with the javelin.
Five damp Moravians run a relay for the Red Cross.

First faculty get-together.

Errare humanum est
Two corrections to July issue.
All-campus announcements.
Faculty/staff/student achievements.

Anniversary Waltz
A bumper crop of longevity, topped by Bettie Smolansky with 40 years at Moravian.