Three Down

At the start of the summer, Moravian had three Olympic hopefuls—not bad for a college whose student body is about one-thirteenth the total number of participants in the 2004 Summer Games.

Alas and alack, two were bumped before Athens, and the third had a decent but not outstanding day on the field.

Bicyclist Ashley Kimmet ’04, who hoped to qualify at one of the World Cycling Federation preliminary races, didn’t. She plans to continue racing on the international cycling circuit, but it’s an open question as to whether she’ll hang on for the 2008 games in Beijing.

Emily Shertzer ’02, who’s been training for the pentathlon at the USOC facility in San Antonio, Texas, since her graduation, placed

well in pentathlon preliminaries, but not well enough. She came in fifth in a decisive match, and only the top three contenders were chosen for the games. She has been invited to keep training for 2008; again, it’s an open question.

Christina Scherwin ’05, who threw the javelin for her native country, Denmark, was out part of the summer with an injury and qualified late. She came in 29th in a field of 44 aspirants and threw more than 3 meters short of her personal best.

Christina will return to finish her senior year this semester. The Morning Call ran a feature on her with the headline, "Dear Prof, please excuse Christina while she’s in Athens."

To share Christina’s Olympic experience, you can read her journal at and view her Olympic photo galleries at

Olympic logo used with permission of the United States Olympic Committee

September 1, 2004

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