• Ron Szabo, the Blackboard man, announces that the Blackboard 6 server didn’t get here in time for fall semester, so we will continue to use Blackboard 5. Blackboard 6 and its new features should be available by spring semester. Any faculty member who’d like to become conversant in Blackboard, a two-way communication program between professors and students, should get in touch with Ron for an orientation at Ext. 7986 or

• The volleyball team is selling 2005 entertainment books (Lehigh Valley edition) for the bargain price of $20. To find out more: Shelley Bauder, Ext. 7849, or

• Liberty Mutual will offer a discount on homeowner and auto insurance to Moravian faculty and staff. This program has workedso well at other LVAIC schools that it has been extended to alumni as well. Of course, the discount is available only to those who qualify for it.

Gerhard Wutti, Moravian’s Liberty Mutual rep, will be on campus 12:30- 2:30 p.m. September 8 and 29, October 6 and 27, November 10, and December 4 and 15 in the HUB’s Reinhard Room. Or you may reach him at 800 706-0047, Ext. 200, or at

• Old cell phones never die, but they (and their accessories) can be cannibalized for parts. Phyllis Walsh, queen of campus collection drives, encourages us to deposit ours in a bin near the HUB desk. Proceeds will benefit Turning Point, an agency for abused women and children. Phyllis is at Ext. 1602.

September 1, 2004

Ballot Box
College helps students register to vote.
Perched atop Comenius, he surveys campus.
Three Down
Of three Olympic hopefuls from the College, two were just shy of qualifying for Athens and the third had a middling day with the javelin.
Five damp Moravians run a relay for the Red Cross.

First faculty get-together.

Errare humanum est
Two corrections to July issue.
All-campus announcements.
Faculty/staff/student achievements.

Anniversary Waltz
A bumper crop of longevity, topped by Bettie Smolansky with 40 years at Moravian.