While You Were Out ...

… our summer has been highlighted by these happenings:

• The new roof on Comenius Hall is pretty much done, but don’t walk under that ladder at the main door, just in case. Other construction projects are behind schedule because of countless days of rain, but they should be finished soon.

• The Office of Academic Affairs, the Registrar, and the Offices of International Studies and Institutional Diversity/Multicultural Affairs have moved to Monocacy Hall, which also has been made handicapped-accessible with a large, sleek elevator. Academic Affairs is on the main floor (which is actually the second floor), the Registrar on the third floor, and the two specialty offices split between the main floor and the ground floor.

• The old house where these offices once lived (1311 Main Street) is being used for student residences in this overflow year. The Class of 2007 has 385 entering students!

• You know those nice wrought-iron decorative railings on the new stone gateposts in front of Comenius and Colonial Halls? It seems that after just a couple of months out in the elements, they already had begun to rust. They were returned to sender. Replacements just arrived and are being installed.

• Receiving two press releases from Moravian College on the same day, one about our large and well-qualified freshman class and the other about new parking regulations, guess which one the Morning Call made into a local front story? With photos!

• There are no new parking lots yet. The City of Bethlehem wants them paved, rather than gravel-covered, before use. So much for the 66 new spaces.

• More and more restrooms around campus were equipped with automatic towel dispensers. In Colonial Hall, we have an all-automated restroom: toilets, faucets, soap dispensers, towel dispensers. So who needs people?

• There is a new handbook for administrative and support staff, available on the Moravian website at www.moravian.edu/humres/policy/index.htm. It explains all that which was hitherto unexplained.

September 2, 2003

While You Were Out ... :
What's been happening on campus over the summer.

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