A Pat on the Back

New recognition program puts its money where its heart is
Beginning this month, Moravian will institute a generous new set of employee recognition awards, dividing $10,500 among as many as 18 faculty and administrative and support staff members over the year.

The awards will be offered in addition to the existing Mirra and McCall Awards for support staff, the Heller Award for an administrator, and the Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching.

“Moravian historically has not provided a sufficient means to reward its employees who have done a superior job on a project or in a given area,” says HR director Jon Conrad.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to further recognize the hard-working faculty and staff of the institution,” he says.

There is no nomination process nor any restrictions on the awards. The College’s senior leadership may select outstanding staffers whose work deserves recognition, or anyone may mention a faculty or staff member from any department to his or her own supervisor.

There are three categories.

• The Board Chair award carries $1,000 to each of two employees.
• The President’s award carries $750 to each of its two honorees.
• Each of Moravian’s seven vice presidents may select two winners, who will receive $500.

September 2, 2003

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