Anniversary Waltz

These members of the College family (and there sure are a lot of them!) celebrated service anniversaries in the third quarter of 2003.

* Jim Beers ’89, CIT
* Richard Check, facilities
* Paul Edinger ’98, CIT
* Barbara Liebhaber, music
* Diane Radycki, art
* Christine Rander ’89, career services
* Katherine Restuccia, Counseling Center
* Loraine Sanderson, campus safety
** Carl Salter, chemistry
** Nancy Strobel, library
** Connie Unger, education
*** Joanne Dangelmajer McKeown, French
*** Andy Anderson, facilities
*** Carole Brown, English
*** Debra Gaspar, library
*** Carol Meixell, HR
*** Verdi Quinn ’98, Seminary
*** April Vari, student affairs
**** Bob Eisenhauer, facilities
***** Glenn Asquith, Seminary
***** Jean-Pierre Lalande, French
***** Jim Ravelle, sociology
****** Mary Margaret Gross ’72, registrar
****** Jack Dilendik, education
******* Ed Little, athletics
******** Clarke Chapman, religion

each * represents five years

September 2, 2003

While You Were Out ... :
What's been happening on campus over the summer.

Sign Language and Plaque Flap:
Restored sign on Brethren's House.
A Pat on the Back:
College introduces new awards program for employees.
Prose Poet:
Israeli writer Naomi Gal on faculty this year.
All-campus announcements.
Campus events calendar.
Media Matters:
Moravian faculty, staff, students in the news media.
Anniversary Waltz:
Service anniversaries of staff and faculty.
Three Wise Men:
Photo from Joe Powlette's 40th anniversary party.
Faculty/staff/student achievements.
The Elvish Department:
English Department throws woodland fete for its students.