While you were away...

Welcome back! It has been anything but a quiet summer on and around campus, and we here-with provide a news roundup to keep you in the loop.

National: A Princeton University admissions officer hacked into a Yale University website created for applicants who wanted to know if they’d made the cut. Princeton’s stealth visitor said he was testing Yale’s website security. Right. What he really wanted was to find out how many applicants the two Ivy League schools had in common and how many were planning to accept Yale over Princeton. He and the director of admissions were suspended, briefly, but then were given other jobs in the Princeton administration, mostly because the director of admissions was a year from retirement.

Commonwealth: Tuition at Pennsylvania’s public universities has gone up a whopping 14 percent. But the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency got a raise of 3.5 percent and thus will be able to offer grants to an additional 4,000 stu-dents, for a total of 154,000. PHEAA grants are need-based and can be given to students at both private and public institutions. But they max out at $3,300. An editorial in the Morning Call suggested that, the economy being what it is, the cap should be raised.

Bethlehem: Note the bright new stripes down the middle of Main Street between Elizabeth and Laurel. These are the first phase of a project to put an island there—a forcible way to control those drivers intent on making hood ornaments out of pedestrians who dare to cross Main Street during business hours. When completed, the island means the end of parking on Main Street, so resign yourselves.

The left-turn-lane goblins have been on the loose, as you can see on Union Boulevard. Watch for new lane configurations.

Also, a new McDonald’s, with a self-conscious retro design and enough neon to make it visible from the moon, went up in just six weeks at Five Points in South Bethlehem.

College: We have an imposing new sign at the corner of Main and Elizabeth. The Seminary has a new sign. And Colonial Hall, identified as “Pardon our appearance” for the last academic year, will have a handsome stone sign, too.

The HUB got a new computerized cash-register system, and we’ve all gotten new ID cards to accommodate it. These cards now are legal tender at the bookstore as well as the dining rooms and Food Court.

The new academic building has beautiful expanses of windows, decorated with neat gray-blue panels, and the connecting walkway to Collier Hall has been boxed in and squared off. As for the copper downspouts under the eaves, well, three are real and two ornamental.

Let us know if you can tell the difference.

September 3, 2002

While you were away
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