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As it did last year, the Moravian Reading Group will consider two topics: “The Moravians: Exploring a
Heritage” and “The Bodies of Men and Women.”

New this year: These programs will run on parallel tracks, with “The Moravians” on Wednesdays and “The
Bodies” on Tuesdays, both 4:00-6:00 p.m. in the HUB’s Snyder Room.

Heikki Lempa, assistant professor of history, will coordinate “The Moravians” and leads its first session
tomorrow (September 15) on the historical background of the sect and the writings of Jan Hus.

J.R. Thomas, instructor of economics and business, leads “The Bodies,” which offers contemporary thinking about the differentiation of bodies and the meaning of gender in fields such as biology, the environment, politics, and culture.

Its first session, September 21, will be led by Bill Falla, adjunct in philosophy. Called “Emotions of the Body,” it uses an essay by Martha Nussbaum called “Disgust” as its text. Reading packets are available from Mickey Ortiz Ortiz in 206 Comenius, Ext.1417.

September 14, 2004

Two Awards 'netted ... and What an Impact!
Moravian's online alumni newsletter wins awards from ISP Harris Publishing for the third year. Web manager Christie Jacobsen gets an Impact award for her excellent work, including the alumni online newsletter.
Signs of the Times
Comenius quotations adorn walls in Colonial Hall lobby.
Is a Puzzlement
Five staffers devote their lunch hours for a year to a 3,000 jigsaw puzzle.
Look Well, O Wolves!
New faculty.

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