G'day, Doc!

As you read this, Janet Sipple is Down Under, having just received an honory doctorate from the University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, Australia. Its spring Commencement ceremonies were held September 13.

St. Luke’s Hospital School of Nursing at Moravian College has an exchange program with USQ that has allowed students from both institutions to learn about clinical practice in nursing in each other’s countries.

Janet, professor of nursing and dean of the School of Nursing, has a relationship with USQ’s program that goes back to 1989, when she was a visiting lecturer in American nursing practice. Using the model that she had developed as part of her doctoral work, she helped design and implement a university curriculum in nursing.

Janet also has been given a three-year appointment as Honorary Professor of the Faculty of Sciences at USQ. She will be a guest lecturer on professional issues in nursing, including nursing education, practice, and research.

In 2001, four nursing students from Australia spent the fall semester at Moravian and St. Luke’s Hospital. Four more students are slated to come to Moravian for the Fall 2003 term.

In May 2002, four members of the charter class of the School of Nursing learned about clinical practice in Australia during a monthlong study trip. This summer, Jennifer Oakley ’05, Carbondale, went to Australia to compare nursing methods using a qualitative study she developed.

September 16, 2003

G'day, Doc!:
Janet Sipple, dean of the School of Nursing, receives honorary doctorate from Australian university.

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