Roma Nova

It’s almost an anagram for Moravian.

The Moravian Reading Group, trying a new tack this year, will divide itself in half, addressing one topic in the fall semester and another in the spring.

In the fall, the group will consider America’s position as a global superpower in a series called “The New Rome.”

Sessions will be led by:

Jim West, professor of economics and business. A chapter of Thomas Sowell’s A Conflict of Visions and an op-ed piece by Irving Kristol in the Wall Street Journal called “The Emerging American Imperium.” Today.

Gordon Williams, assistant professor of mathematics. Text by activist historian Eqbal Ahmad. October 7.

Clarke Chapman, profesor of religion. Robert N. Bellah, “Righteous Empire”; Theodore R. Weber, “The ‘National Security Strategy.’ Power Play”; and Gary Dorrien, “The ‘Unipolarist’ Agenda. Axis of One.” All are from the March 8 issue of Christian Century. November 4.

James Johnson, visiting assistant professor of history. W.E.B. du Bois, “Of Mr. Booker T. Washington and Others,” in The Souls of Black Folk. November 25.

Chris Jones, assistant professor of biology. Francis Fukuyama, “The End of History,” in The National Interest (1989). December 16.

All sessions meet in the Snyder Room of the HUB at 4:00 p.m. Tuesdays. Reading packets are available from Mickey Ortiz, 206 Comenius, Ext. 1417.

For additional information on the reading group: Heikki Lempa, J.R. Thomas, or Carl Salter.

September 16, 2003

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Janet Sipple, dean of the School of Nursing, receives honorary doctorate from Australian university.

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