Richard Leakey today (left) and as a young man with skulls of ancestors of Homo sapiens.

The name “Leakey” is synonymous with discovery.

Richard Leakey, the oldest son of Louis and Mary Leakey, the paleontologists who explored Olduvai Gorge, in what is now Tanzania, as a hominid fossil site, is a discoverer who followed in the footsteps of his parents. As speaker for the 2005-06 Cohen Arts and Lectures program, he’ll discuss “Human Origins and the Survival of the Species” at 8:00 p.m. Wednesday, October 5, in Johnston Hall.

With the current debate on whether “intelligent design” should be included in science curriculums, the topic could not be more timely.

Former director of the National Museums of Kenya and the Kenya Wildlife Service, and an environmental activist and conservationist, Richard Leakey is the author of more than 100 articles and several books, including The Making of Mankind, Wildlife Wars, The Sixth Extinction, and Origins Reconsidered.

September 20, 2005

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