From Spain, Carmen Ferrero-Pino, associate professor of Spanish, e-mails thatshe has reconnected with family, including a sister she hadn’t seen in two years and a pair of nephews she knew only from photos. She is there to work on a sabbatical project: a book on 18th-century literature of the Iberian peninsula. She has published an essay on the works of María Luisa Bombal, a novelist of the ’30s, in Reflexiones: Ensayos Sobre Escritoras Hispanoamericanas Contemporaneas.

Mildred Rivera-Vázquez, associate professor of Spanish, led training sessions July 8-25 for Spanish teachers in Nicaragua and Honduras. Their program, sponsored by the Peace Corps, included sessions for local teachers and a master session on language assessment. Her students will go on to teach language skills to Peace Corps volunteers in their countries.

Hands down, Moravian’s Spanish department wins the compound-complex names award. In addition to Carmen and Mildred, the newest member of its faculty is assistant professor Nilsa Lasso-von Lang, who hails from Panama.

Heikki Lempa, assistant professor of history, has published “The Spa: Emotional Economy and Social Classes in 19th-Century Pyrmont” in the journal Central European History.

Brian Reese has been promoted to assistant registrar. Brian joined the registrar’s office 18 months ago to fill a temporary opening. Now they can’t do without him. He holds an undergraduate degree in management from Lock Haven University.

John D. Rossi III ’97 (M.B.A.), assistant professor of accounting, published an article in the August 26 Eastern Pennsylvania Business Journal entitled “Stock Options: Clearly an Expense, But at What Value.” It discusses the hot topic du jour of executive stock options and how to account for them.

Sean Tallarico, director of campus safety, has been appointed to the advisory council of Campus Safety Journal, one of a family of trade magazines that address security, traffic control, and related issues.


Lynn Masters, accounts payable clerk, has a new asset: Emily, born September 6. Emily weighed in at 7 lbs. 14 oz. and is reported to have a healthy set of lungs.

Media Matters

Lehigh Valley Tempo honored the 10th anniversary of the July Jazz Getaway, a fantasy camp for grownups who want to get down, with a feature story that aired September 5-6. The Getaway also was the focus of a day-in-the-life feature in the Morning Call.

Gary Olson, professor and chair of political science, was the featured writer on the Morning Call’s op-ed page on Labor Day, with an essay on the decline of labor unions and consequent growth of an economically stratified society. An irate reader compared its politics to those of Eugene V. Debs, which InCommon regards as a compliment.

Michelle Schmidt, assistant professor of psychology, published an op-ed piece in the September 17 Morning Call about quality care programs for preschoolers. It was written to introduce a candidates’ forum on children’s issues, organized by John Reynolds, professor of political science, and held September 18 in Prosser Auditorium.

Retiring Dispositions

Marialuisa N. McAllister, professor emerita of mathematics, is a volunteer consultant at Duke University’s Association of Intelligent Machines and chairs a committee in the computer science department at the University of California at Berkeley.
James O. Yerkes, professor emeritus of religion and philosophy, reviewed John Updike’s Rabbit Tetralogy: Mastered Irony in Motion by Marshall Boswell in the summer 2002 issue of Modern Fiction Studies.

James O. Yerkes, professor emeritus of religion and philosophy, reviewed John Updike's Rabbit Tetralogy: Mastered Irony in Motion by Marshall Boswell in the summer 2002 issue of Modern Fiction Studies.

Paul Larson, professor emeritus of music, has published An American Musical Dynasty: A Biography of the Wolle Family of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. John Frederick Wolle was the founder of the Bach Choir of Bethlehem and the annual Bach Festival.

Mohamed Bugaighis, professor emeritus of mathematics and president of the Islamic Center of the Lehigh Valley in Whitehall, has reactivated a search at Lehigh University for an Islamic studies professor, who would serve as a resource for all the valley’s institutions of higher learning.

Errare humanum est

No matter what you may have read in the Vespers program for incoming freshmen, Father Wayne Killian, our Catholic chaplain, is not an Oblate of St. Francis de Sales (OSFS), though the last couple of Catholic chaplains have been.

October 1, 2002

A Beautiful Mind
Janine Jagger '72, an epidemiologist at the University of Virginia, is named a MacArthur Fellow for 2002.
On His Own Two Feet
The InCommon profile is of cross-country coach Mark Will-Weber, a competitive runner who fields winning teams.
The Sound of a Different Drum
Ananse Dance and Drum from Ghana performs at Moravian.
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