Conference Calls

If you notice a whole bunch of strangers hanging around campus next week (October 21-23), some in black tie, others with trombones, that’s because Moravian is the site of two conferences and a grand ball.

At the same time, we’ll celebrate the centenary of a Nobel Prize-winning writer and hear the thoughts of a Baha’i scholar about peace on this conflict-ridden planet.

And, as November 2 fast approaches, a horde of political pundits still hopes to influence your vote. These include the Cohen Arts & Lectures guests, who justly can be called a media event unto themselves.

October 13, 2004

Conference Calls:
Moravian hosts two conferences and a multitude of other events next week.
Blast Furnace No. 4:
Free-standing art, watercolor by Jan Ciganick of Bethlehem Steel Works.
Honored in Their Own House:
Alumni Assn. gives five awards to notable alums.
Coffee Mate:
Library coffeehouse now has club cards for free cups.

The Dish on the Menu:
InCommon selflessly taste-tests the menu for the Celebration Ball dinner.

Music to Your Ears:
Campus calendar.
Campus calendar.
Faculty, staff, and student achievements.

Site Lines:
Art Dept. students and faculty paint, draw, and photograph Bethlehem Steel Works.