Curt Keim, dean of the faculty, has been reappointed to a three-year term as a research associate by the Scientific Senate of the American Museum of Natural History. His appointment is in the division of anthropology.

Dana Dunn and Michelle Schmidt, professor and assistant professor of psychology, spoke at “Finding Out: Best Practices in Teaching Research Methods and Statistics,” October 1-2 in Atlanta. The conference was sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning of Kennesaw State University, and more than 300 educators attended.

Michelle organized a symposium on “Teaching Writing in Psychology: Addressing Objectives, Intensive Issues, and Style.” She described the department’s two-semester writing-intensive course, “Experimental Methods and Data Analysis.”
Dana discussed alternative strategies for teaching research methods and statistics. With colleagues Bernard Beins, Ithaca College, and Randolph Smith, Kennesaw State, he plans to edit a book based on the conference presentations.

Bonnie Falla, Reeves Library, and Bill Falla, adjunct in philosophy, attended the 51st annual Star Island Conference of the Institute on Religion in an Age of Science, July 24-31 on Star Island. Its topic was “Earth’s Waters in Crisis.”

They’ve attended the conference since 1976. Bonnie is conference registrar. Bill coordinated water tours of Star Island, a small piece of land (one mile in circumference) six miles off the coast of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The island is a self-sustaining community with its own wastewater plant.

Diane Radycki, assistant professor of art history, brought Josef Glowa and Eva Leeds, assistant professor of German and associate professor of economics and business, to a reception given by the Institute for International Education for the chancellors of 15 German universities, September 21 in New York. Along with other former German Fulbright scholars, Diane had been invited to network with the German administrators about exchange programs for students and faculty scholars. Josef and Eva came along as faculty of Moravian’s new German studies major.

The institute’s building is on United Nations Plaza, and that was the day President Bush addressed the U.N. So Josef and Eva, who walked across Midtown from Port Authority Bus Terminal, found that “half of Manhattan was shut down.” Diane added: “There were black-uniformed machine gun-toting police officers on top of every roof!”

With a cue from Beate Menzel, our University of Erfurt exchange student this term, Josef was able to meet a political scientist from the Technical University of Erfurt (a different school) who has written several books about German reunification, one of the subjects in Josef’s modern German history course. Diane met the minister who holds Germany’s arts portfolio.


Shalahudin Kafrawi, assistant professor of philosophy and religion, is now Dr. Kafrawi, courtesy of Binghamton University. His dissertation is called Necessary Being in Islamic Philosophy and Theology: Study of Ibn Sina’s al-Isharat wa al-Tanbihat and Fakhr al-Din al-Razi’s Muhassal Afkar al-Mutaqaddimin wa al-Muta’akh-khirin. It examines the writings of two Islamic philosophers about a controversy over the nature of God that shook the Muslim world in its classical period (c. 1150-1400).

October 26, 2004

A Certain Candidate:
Classics professor Jim Tyler writes a political satire.

Key Deco:
A Steinway Art Deco piano is in residence at Moravian and welcomes players.
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Tucker and Begala from CNN's "Crossfire" debate the presidential campaign tonight at Moravian.
InCommon's publishing schedule for the rest of 2004..
Party Animal:
Patrick St. John '05 runs for State Assembly.

Campus calendar.

Through a Glass, Darkly:
Moravian theater produces "Rashomon.".
Faculty, staff, student achievements.
Accounting Club students walk to benefit diabetes research.

Vice President Report (PDF)
An update on the Career Center from Bev Kochard.