Park Place

If from afar you see a patch of bright yellow on your windshield, it may be a parking ticket from a Moravian College campus safety officer. The fine: $20.

Because you are not at fault (naturally), you may contest this erosion of your personal freedom to park wherever you please by requesting an appeals form from Ext. 1421, or (soon) by downloading one.

A parking appeals committee of four impartial souls meets every other week to consider your case and those of others equally guiltless.

An easier way to deal with this is to pay the $20 and stop whining about it. Protesting your parking ticket by sending the empty envelope back through the campus mail is considered bad form.

The editor of InCommon got a parking ticket not long ago for, ahem, leaving her car on the grass behind Peter Hall. (It was an emergency.) Eleven other cars followed her lead, and all were ticketed. Her appeal is that she made $220 in extra income for the College.

October 29, 2002

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