Alyson Dobracki ’03, Fountain Hill, has received a grant from the Pennsylvania Academy of Science to support her honors project on the bacteria that enable the pitcher plant, a meat-eating vegetable, to digest its dinner. Frank Kuserk, professor and chair of biology, is her advisor.

Cas Sowa, director of international studies, Naomi Brought ’03, Middletown, and Michelle Lewis ’03, Slatedale, attended the 14th annual Delaware Valley Study Abroad Re-Entry conference, October 5 in Philadelphia. Naomi studied in England and Michelle in Spain in the spring 2002 semester. Administered by the University of Pennsylvania, the conference discusses graduate fellowships, work opportunities, and careers abroad, and resources for international studies programs.

David A. Schattschneider, dean emeritus of the Seminary, spoke at the annual meeting October 6 of the Moravian Historical Society in Nazareth. His paper on “A 250-Year-Old Mystery: The Disappearance of J.C. Erhardt” investigates a seven-person party that never returned from an expedition to the Labrador coast in 1752. It will be published in the Transactions of the Moravian Historical Society.

Anne Dutlinger, assistant professor of art and chair of the art department, presented “Figure/Ground: Artists and Their Community in Theresienstadt/Terezín,” at the Block Museum, Northwestern University, for the October 6 opening of the exhibit “The Last Expression: Art at Auschwitz.” Fellow panelists were Yehudit Shendar, curator of Yad Vashem, the Holocaust memorial and museum in Jerusalem; theater historian Rebecca Rovit; and artist-survivors Yehuda Bacon and Max R. Garcia. Jacek Nowakowski, director of international programs at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, was the respondent. “Art at Auschwitz” will travel to the Brooklyn Museum of Art and Wellesley College in 2003.

John D. Rossi III ’97 (M.B.A.), assistant professor of accounting, was a talking head on Lehigh Valley Tempo (Channel 39), which interviewed him for a feature on property-tax reform. It aired October 17-18. John (a multimedia man) also has an article in the October 7 Eastern Pennsylvania Business Journal called “Feds, be sure to put accounting blame where it belongs,” which compares accounting standards in the United States with those used internationally.

Ryan Mehl ’96, the son of Judy Mehl, former assistant director of publications, has been appointed an assistant professor of chemistry at Franklin and Marshall College. He received his Ph.D. from Cornell University in 2001.

Sean Tallarico, director of campus safety, and Ron Kline, director of counseling services, attended the Legal Issues in Higher Education conference, October 6-9 at the University of Vermont, which has been hosting this national gathering of college and university administrators, lawyers, security officials, counselors, and student services directors for 12 years.

A group of Josef Glowa’s German students were lucky enough to be almost nose to nose with Al Pacino playing the title role in The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui, a satire by Bertolt Brecht on the political ascension of Adolf Hitler. Produced by the National Actors Theater, it’s at Pace University through November 3. The cast also includes John Goodman and Steve Buscemi. Joe, assistant professor of German, took the students October 8 on a bus that left at campus at 7:00 a.m. (yawn), so they could get there in time to stand in line for rush tickets. They got ’em, too, for $25. (Full-price seats were $100.) “The students were ecstatic,” Joe says. “They sat in the first row and could almost touch the stars.”

James J. Ravelle, professor of sociology, law, and public management and chair of the sociology department, and Linda L. Ravelle, associate professor of economics and business, attended the annual conference of the Association of Pennsylvania University Business and Economics Faculty, October 2-4 in State College. They presented a working paper on “Securitization of Real Property Taxes: A New Approach to Assisting the Elderly.” Translation: The elderly should be permitted to default on property taxes without worrying that their property will be listed for judicial sale.

October 29, 2002

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