Lecture Circuit

One advantage of being part of a campus community is that a lot of smart people with a lot of interesting specialties are here, or come here. Here’s a selective list of lectures and discussions available on campus through November 20. All are free unless otherwise indicated.

Terrence Burns, a partner in Van Der Moolen USA (the American arm of a Dutch investment-banking house) and a specialist trader, which means he concentrates on the performance of a single company, will describe the inner workings of a New York Stock Exchange trading post. 6:30-8 :00 p.m. tonight. Laros Room, HUB.

“Spirituality and End-of-Life Care.” A three-part lecture by Christina Puchalski, physician and director of the George Washington Institute for Spirituality and Health, Washington, D.C. 9:30 a.m-2:30 p.m. Friday, November 9, Saal, Moravian Theological Seminary. Pre-registration is required (and that way you’ll get a box lunch). Rosemary Ebersole, Ext. 1519.

“The Challenges Ahead for the Health Sciences and Health Care.” This was to have been the keynote address of the weekend Health Sciences Symposium, which has been canceled. Margaret McClure ’61, president-elect of the American Academy of Nursing and professor in New York University School of Medicine’s Division of Nursing, will deliver it anyway at 7:30 p.m. Friday, November 9, Haupert Union Pavilion. Ext. 1366.

“The Indigenous People of Central/South America.” Mildred Rivera-Martínez, associate professor of Spanish, will illustrate her lecture on Inca, Maya, and tribes of the Amazon basin with slides from her travels. Second in the Alumni Association’s Monday Roundtable series. 7:00 p.m. November 12, Prosser Auditorium.

November 6, 2001

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