A Note for All to Read

To the members of the Moravian College community who sent so many cards and offered so many best wishes for my birthday earlier this month, thank you very, very much. It was a pleasure to hear from old (and new) friends on the faculty and staff—I especially enjoyed the huge card signed by everyone in the Facilities Management, Planning, and Construction Office!
Your cards and kind notes added more than a little spark to my birthday celebration. At same time, they reminded me that what lies behind all our recent progress at Moravian is an extended College family held together by good will, a strong spirit, and the best of hearts.

Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness.

Prill Hurd

November 10, 2004

Morning Starlets:
Child soloists announced for Vespers services.

The Deerslayer:
Our Crossfire guests meet a deer on the way home, with unfortunate results for the deer.
The In Crowd:
Moravian to be included in Peterson’s Competitive Colleges.
Revised schedule for InCommon.
Campus calendar.

A Note for All to Read:
Thanks to the College from Priscilla Payne Hurd, chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Faculty, staff, student achievements.