Errare humanum est:

. . . but last issue of InCommon was something of a record-setter.

Nancy Cohen Engels is the daughter, not the granddughter, of Berte Cohen 37.

I used a description of the film Crash that belonged to a different Crash than that shown and discussed on campus. So much for Internet research. Apologies to Clarke Chapman.

November 15, 2005

Seminary Salute:
Seminary creates a scholarship in honor of President and Mrs. Rokke.

Arms and the Man:
Free-standing photo of Kollwitz print recently donated to the College.

The War Room:
Phonathon photo-essay.

Campus calendar.

An 'Annual' Award:
Benigna receives citation from its publisher.
Errare humanum est:
Corrections from last issue.
Faculty/staff/student achievements.