Hilde Binford, assistant professor of music, attended a conference called “The Century of Bach and Mozart: Perspectives on Historiography, Composition, Theory, and Performance,” September 23-25 at Harvard University. Then she hopped on a plane to the Czech Republic, where she presented a paper on “Vedran Smailovic: Cellist and Peacemaker in Sarajevo” at a conference called on “Music and War: Inter arma silent musae or Arma virumque cano?,” September 26-28 in Brno. Smailovic was the cellist whose 22- day musical vigil in the streets of Saravejo helped bring the Bosnian war to an end in 1995.

Dana Dunn, professor of psychology, attended the “Engaging Minds: Best Practices in Teaching Critical Thinking Across the Psychology Curriculum” conference, September 29-October 2 in Atlanta. He and colleagues Jane Halonen of the University of West Florida and Randolph Smith of Kennesaw State University will be editing a book based on many of the talks delivered at the conference.

Dana also wrote a chapter on “Teaching Courses with Laboratories” in the new Handbook for the Teaching of Psychology, edited by William Buskist and Stephen F. Davis. It will be published by Blackwell (2006).

Shalahudin Kafrawi, assistant professor of philosophy and religion, attended “Ancient and Medieval Philosophy,” a conference October 14-16 at Fordham University. He presented a paper, “The Metaphysics of Contingency: Avicenna’s Essence-Existence Distinction.” Sal chaired a panel on Islamic and Greek philosophy and coordinated other Islamic philosophy panels.

Sal also has been on the air. He gave a speech about fasting during Ramadan for an Indonesian community, October 22 in Centerville, Virginia. The next day, he was called for an interview at Voice of America for a program on “American Understanding of the Qur’an.” The interview was broadcasted live via Metro TV in Indonesia. “My babies were happy to see me on TV,” he says. “That’s a kind of cure for their wish to see me around.” Sal’s wife and children still live in Indonesia.

Btw, his wife, Etin Anwar, who holds a Ph.D. from Princeton, has had her book, Gender and Self in Islam, accepted for publication by Routledge. Sal says it already is in the databases of and Barnes & Noble.

Librarians Beth Fuchs and Wendy Juniper presented a session on collaborative library web-testing at the Pennsylvania Library Association’s annual conference, September 25-28 in Hershey. The session, titled “Benefits Abound! Student/Librarian Collaborative Web Testing,” described a series of focus groups and cognitive walk-through usability tests they conducted with assistance and guidance from the Psychology Club, to improve the library website for its user community.

Diane Husic, professor and chair of biology and faculty athletics representative (FAR) to the NCAA, was cofacilitator for the inaugural Division II FAR Leadership Institute, October 7- 9 in Indianapolis. (She wrote the original proposal leading to a $100,000 grant from the NCAA to support the first institute.) The event drew 21 FAR Fellows nominated by their conferences and six other longtime FARs as its steering committee. Diane worked with consultant Lynne Kaplan, who will be doing the leadership program for student-athletes at Moravian in January. “She is phenomenal,” Diane says. For additional information: media_and_events/association_news/ ncaa_news_online/2005/10_24_05/ division_ii/4222n20.html

Michelle Schmidt, assistant professor of psychology and codirector of the Leadership Center, went to Gettysburg College on October 1 for a conference on “The Future of Service Learning in Higher Education.” Stacey Zaremba, psychology, Sue Scholtz, nursing, Lisa Fischler, political science, and Nilsa Lasso-von Lang and Erica Yozell, Spanish, also attended, with the idea of grounding service learning more firmly in the academic experience at Moravian.

Connie Unger and Charlotte Rappe Zales, assistant and associate professor of education, gave a presentation on “Literature Enhancing Science—Science Enhancing Literacy,” October 18 at the Keystone State Reading Association annual conference in Hershey. The participants, K-12 educators, were very receptive to a plan for using trade books to integrate literacy into science lessons, reports Charlotte.

November 15, 2005

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