Coffehouse Rules

Librarian Wendy Juniper gave a thumb-up to an idea that has been kicking around for a little while: a café in Reeves Library.

In an article in the October issue of The One-Person Library, a newsletter about library management, she says: “We allow covered drink containers and no food in our library. However, we gave out candy to people studying in the library during finals week, and we agree that we are not going to spend our time as food police.

“ I believe the library should be a very welcoming community place, and the damage [that could be] done to our collection is minimal compared to the benefits we reap from having our community feel comfortable spending long periods of time here.”

November 25, 2003

They Got Rhythm:
Photo of Curt Keim and international students on Africa Night.

Coffeehouse Rules:
Librarian Wendy Juniper recommends more lenient food-and-drink policy in library, in effect endorsing café idea.

Fearless Leader:
International student Borko Milosev of Serbia and Montenegro wins ODK leadership award.

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Article from Newsweek and an on-campus conference about suicide prevention among college students.

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