Seat yourself: The last 40 chairs to complete the library’s new collection have arrived. If you’d like one of the old chairs, call Mickey Matuczinski at Ext. 1541.

Over there: The Office of International Studies needs information to complete the annual Institute for International Education survey of study abroad. Anyone who has taken students abroad in the 2000-2001 academic year—for a choir trip, an athletic event, a conference, or the like—is asked to supply a list of names and a brief description of the trip by January 15. Ext. 7847.

Correction: Shomarka O. Y. Keita, who spoke November 28-29 at Moravian, earned his medical degree at Howard (not Harvard) University.

Seems we just got started: The next issue of InCommon will be published January 14.

December 4, 2001

A Foot in the Door
Wassail, Wassail!
Ich bin ein Berliner
Student Exchanges
Poetic License
Lift Ev'ry Voice