Long-Distance Nurses

Photo: Maria Collette, courtesy Jessica Sullivan

Left to right, Alanna Cunningham, Vanessa Cox, Jessica Sullivan, and Katrina Seng, senior nursing students at the University of Southern Queensland at Toowoomba, are at Moravian and St. Luke’s Hospital for five weeks to learn about American nursing practice.

Here they’re visitng the Fowler Family Museum at St. Luke’s Hospital to learn about Bethlehem and St. Luke’s history. If this picture were in color, you could see they’re all in turquoise, black, and white,the colors of USQ’s School of Nursing.

The Australian nursing students will discuss their experiences at 11:00 a.m. Friday, December 12, in the Snyder Room of the HUB.

December 9, 2003

Crown Prints:
College acquires Dürer print.

Two Benefits:
Tribute to Richard Schantz endows a scholarship, Celebration Ball raises money for athletics.

Campus calendar.

Tea for More Than Two:
Moravian's revival of women's tea is picked up by 40 news outlets.

Long-Distance Nurses:
4 nursing students from Australia.
Faculty/staff/student accomplishments.