Welcome to the new (and improved!) version of the faculty/staff newsletter formerly known as the Bulletin. We hope you like its title, format, and features.

In accordance with custom, InCommon will continue to appear on Tuesdays. It will run four pages, no matter the weather or the state of the world; and it will reflect the interests and concerns of the Moravian community.

We have created several standing features designed to offer maximum information in a compact space.

In all other respects, we intend that InCommon not be predictable (a euphemism for run-of-the-mill). We’ll be trying out ideas in the coming months. Have patience.

We encourage your feedback and criticism, and we hope for your occasional praise.

Judith Green

InCommon is published biweekly during the academic year. All members of the campus community are welcome to submit news and information items to:

Judith Green
Publications Office
113 Colonial Hall
610 861-1362