Laugh Track

Sean Connery can be irascible. But as impersonated by Saturday Night Live star Darrell Hammond, who brought the well-known activist for a free Scotland to Moravian as part of an evening of comedy October 18, Connery was more likely to tickle the funny bone.

Hammond, who had rescheduled his original September 14 date after the terrorist attacks, presented the Saturday Night Live brand of political and celebrity satire to some 1,100 Moravian students and community members in Johnston Hall.

Among those he jabbed were former President Clinton, current President George W. Bush and President-wannabe Al Gore. He also took aim at Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Richard Dreyfuss, Regis Philbin, and Chris Matthews. His Connery takeoff, which originated in a “Celebrity Jeopardy” sketch, was the audience favorite.

Darrell Hammond after his performance with William Trub '03 and Colette Baills '03.

Photo: Michael P. Wilson