By Design

Nine alumni of Moravian’s graphic design program displayed their professional colors in the HUB’s H. Paty Eiffe Gallery at an alumni exhibit this semester. The display included magazine covers, advertising layouts, and other examples of the ways graphic design influences our perception and, often, our pocketbooks.

The artists were:

  • Beth Ricciardi ’93, art director, Ski magazine, Boulder, Colorado.
  • Jason Travers ’94, adjunct instructor of art, Lehigh University.
  • Chris Friedenberg ’95, Sheer Brick Studios, Bethlehem.
  • Martha Volak ’97, K’NEX Toys, Doylestown.
  • Timothy Feather ’98, art director, D.A.S., Emmaus.
  • Michael Babwahsingh ’99, production designer, Carbone Smolan Agency, New York.
  • Carly Silvesti ’99, Visual Communications, Holmes.
  • Lori Brennan ’00, House & Garden.

Jason Travers ’94 says of the artwork he displayed in the HUB: “With most of my creative emphasis coming in the traditional arts, I enjoy the task of tackling social, political, and cultural themes through graphic design. The computer gives me the ability to create commentary and visuals with which the viewer is familiar. In this way, the message becomes accessible through our collective experience.”

The poster above shows a fist brutally punching a face against the background of a burning American flag. It is a comment on the aggressive, violent “patriotism” of so many posters, bumper stickers, and T-shirts after the September 11 attacks.

The happy face is backed by the bottles of pills that assure the face’s everlasting, meaningless smile.

Photo: Joan Lardner Paul