Authencity on Fourth Street

Serving the Real Taste of Puerto Rico

Just down the street from the offices of the Community Action Development Corporation of Bethlehem, a small storefront is undergoing meticulous renovation. Daniel Berrios, assisted by his father, Herminio, and his brother, Herminio Jr., hopes to open a new restaurant there in early December.

Daniel has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from the Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico but was unable to find a job at home. He came stateside six years ago and was a partner in the South Side’s La Favorita grocery before deciding to start an enterprise of his own.

Herminio Jr. is an architectural draftsman. Together, the brothers have planned a restaurant to be called Borinquen after the original name of Puerto Rico, which will feature authentic island cuisine.

Erlinda Agron has been an essential part of the enterprise, helping the Berrios brothers negotiate their way through the tangle of regulations and permits on the way to making their dream a reality.

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Above, Erlinda confers with Herminio Jr., Herminio Sr., and Daniel Berrios.


Erlinda and Daniel survey the restaurant entrance while discussing a way to make it accessible to the handicapped.


Herminio Jr., below, is vice president of the South Side Business Association, which Erlinda was instrumental in founding.

Photos: John Kish IV