Class Notes

NEWS OF 1948

From Jean Baxter McCracken:

There were only four classmates attending our 55th reunion: Emmeline Ungurian Lewis Dimmick, Marion Schmidt Heacock, Winnie Harte Seifert, and myself. However, we enjoyed the luncheon at Johnston Hall, when reunion classes presenting their songs and skits.

It was a cold, rainy day, so the parade was cancelled. There was a tour of the new Priscilla Payne Hurd Academic Complex and other improvements to the campus. Very impressive—and quite a contrast to our beginnings!

NEWS OF 1947

NEWS OF 1946

From Ada Zellner Flower:

Eve DePaolis Johnson ’49 and Dick added a large sunroom to their home recently. With its view of the woods, it has become a popular living space. Eve says the theater doesn’t want “old ladies” much, but she played in Steel Magnolias in Wisconsin.

Marjorie Flohr Weiss continues to be a busy volunteer, editing the newsletter for two local hospitals. She loves her work with women who are approaching release from prison. Marge participates in a 12-week program teaching them academics such as English grammar. Recently she has been teaching them counted cross-stitch. Her husband, Jim, plays tennis and bridge and volunteers at church. The Weisses’ three sons and six grandchildren all live nearby.

Grace Keeler Hodge and David traveled to China in the spring of 2002. They went with Peg Loveless Browne ’47, her sister, Reen Iredell Cutler ’47, and Reen’s husband, Bill, who was attending a reunion of Sino-American World War II veterans. It was thrilling: Beijing, Tiananmen Square, the Temple of Heaven, the Great Wall, a cruise on the Yangtze River to the Three Gorges, Shanghai, and the terra-cotta soldiers of Xian! In the fall of 2002, David underwent successful prostate cancer surgery. During the summer of 2003, the Hodges again were at Chautauqua, where they play golf. During the winter they will again be in Florida.

Patricia Duckworth Brown experienced 18 months of difficult health problems. She is on the upswing and was able to go to Canterbury Cathedral in February. She said it was fascinating to be part of the cathedral’s activities for a week. Then she was at a monastery in France: a different, inspiring, and joyful experience.

NEWS OF 1945

From Jane Smith Ebelhare:

On June 30, Dorothy Stump Lied started a 15-day bus trip. She and her group were attending their annual church conference in Boise, Idaho, and planned to sightsee along the way. They expected to visit the Amana colonies in Iowa, Yellowstone National Park, and Mount Rushmore. This spring, Dottie enjoyed watching the Mennonite farmer who lives nearby tilling his fields with a four-horse team. She says the rhubarb, asparagus, strawberries, and sugar peas that she has bought from him have been delicious. She looks forward to corn and tomatoes.

Janet Moyer Paulus, Jackie Haas Bauder, and Florence Drebert Fritts attended the 50+ breakfast at Alumni Weekend in May. While they were there, Janet and Jackie participated in a joint interview on life as students of Moravian College for Women. They were quite impressed with the new academic building. Both spent some time with Florence and her husband, Warren, in mid-July, when they were in the area for a Fritts family reunion.

Janet and Dick Paulus celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary in June and then Fourth of July with a welcome-home party for their grandson, who has been in the Coast Guard. By mid-August, he’ll be a Penn State freshman, while another grandson will enter his senior year at Penn State.

It’s hard to keep up with galloping Gloria Gately Chipman and Frank, but right after Christmas, they flew to San Diego, where they joined a tour group. They spent three days there seeing the town and the famous zoo. Then they took a bus to Los Angeles, stopping on the way to see the Christmas show at the Crystal Cathedral. They spent four days in L.A. and saw the Rose Bowl Parade. In March, they did another seven-day Caribbean cruise, this time with their oldest daughter Ann and a friend. Then, in May, they drove to Florida to look after their other daughter Sue’s sick cat while she celebrated her 50th birthday by entering an Ironman triathlon (2.4-mile swim, 112- mile bike ride, and a full 26-mile marathon) in Brazil. They were home only a week, then flew to Branson, Mo., where there are more than 40 theaters with lots of musical variety. Now they are at home for a while until they go to Easton in early September for Gloria’s 62nd Easton High School reunion. They have another cruise scheduled for November.

Eleanor Beidelman Kline and her daughter took a trip to Arizona in July. They saw the Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest, Painted Desert, Crater Lake in Oregon, and whatever other sights happened to be along their path. Eleanor says the weather in her part of Texas has been even hotter and drier than usual.

I received a short communiqué from Jackie Stout McGiffert from beautiful Flathead Lake in Montana. She went to Disneyland in May. Apparently, “the next stop was a visit to the chiropractor.” She says it was worth it.

I know that Lois Moser Harke is going through difficult times after losing her husband, Al, but she says her children have been very helpful. She has been making a lot of progress with all the paperwork that she had to attend to.

Beryl Harrison broke her pelvic bone last August and was unable to walk. But with excellent rehab, she was back to golfing and bowling in eight weeks! Her doctor attributed her rapid recovery to her active lifestyle (golf, bowling, and mowing the lawn). So she enjoyed the beautiful Florida weather when the north was having its February blizzard, playing at five different public golf courses while we were shoveling snow.

After her winter with multiple health problems, Jackie Haas Bauder was looking forward to a better spring and summer. Though she relies on a walker because of her hip, this hasn’t curtailed her activities significantly, and she was anticipating a pleasant trip with a friend to the ninth International Moravian Women’s Conference, June 17-22, at Wake Forest University, North Carolina. She was able to see friends from Germany, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Michigan, Ohio, California, Indiana, New York, North Carolina, and the Caribbean. She also met some Moravians from Latvia and Mexico. The communion service the first night was served by female Moravian clergy to 850 Moravian women.

However, all did not end well, as Jackie began to suffer from a potassium deficiency and ended up in St. Luke’s Hospital until June 27, being treated for low potassium and vertigo. The vertigo is still with her, and one of her medications is making her vision blurry, but she should be finished with it soon. Despite this and with the help of a magnifying glass, she has waded through the new Harry Potter book. She is hopeful that an upcoming appointment with an ear specialist will help with the vertigo. Her newest reading is The Really Bad Girls of the Bible by Liz Curtis Higgins, who was one of the speakers at the Conference and who was a Moravian from Lititz in her youth.

Alice Joyce Yeager and her husband, Bob, have moved from their house in Bradenton, Fla., to an apartment. It’s on the 10th floor overlooking Ware’s Creek and the Manatee River. Though they are still living among many boxes and Alice misses her garden, they seem very happy with the move. Thanks to her son, Jim, who has done a genealogy search, Alice has become a member of the D.A.R. It seems that she is related to William Penn and Oliver Cromwell.

Andy and I continue to enjoy Colorado and the freedom to go places whenever we want.

NEWS OF 1944
Reunion May 21-22, 2004

NEWS OF 1943

From June Bright Reese:

The Class of ’43 celebrated its 60th reunion the weekend of May 30-31. Nine members of the class, including some from as far away as Canada, attended. It was a wonderful time of reminiscing and catching up on our lives.

Founder’s Day was a delight, as usual. The day began with a tea hosted by Dr. and Mrs. Rokke in their home. A chapel service, complete with a Moravian Lovefeast, followed in Peter Hall. Mildred Diefenderfer Thompson ’39 was the featured speaker. A luncheon in Clewell Hall Dining Room concluded the day.

At the 50+ breakfast, members of our class were guests at President Rokke’s table. Because of the rain, the parade had to be cancelled, but our spirits remained high. After luncheon in Johnston Hall, our class performed our version of “Thanks for the Memories” with appropriate lyrics by Betty Adams Roach and “Macky” Sortwell Kerrigan. We won the prize for creativity!

Special thanks to Betty and Macky for a beautiful 60th-reunion booklet. Early in the year, classmates were asked to write a page of special memories of their years at Moravian. Betty and Macky collated these hand-written messages into a professional-looking booklet. A copy of our graduation program, a list of class members, and our Alma Mater are included. The cover is an enlarged photo of Central Moravian Church bell tower. The inside cover has a view of the South Campus buildings on Church Street.

Members of the class who participated in the weekend were: Grace Shaner Schuchardt, Louise Rothenberger Watt, Margaret Johnson Bartlett, Margaret Terr Willey, Janet Outten Amos, Dorothy Humenik Hixson, Betty Roach, Macky Kerrigan, and June Reese. Members of the Secretarial Class of 1941 who joined us were Janet Williams Sander, Marion McCall Bray, and Marian Carty Durkee. We were happy to have husbands Lynn Bartlett, Lee Schuchardt, and Jack Roach in our group. Elizabeth Karte ’41 Sec. had planned to come but was recuperating from a fall.

We offer our condolences to the family of Marjorie Clarke Weaver, who recently died.

NEWS OF 1942

From Mary Kuehl Concevitch:

Members of the class who attended Founder’s Day on May 30 were: Phoebe Arnold, Alma Kirkhuff Kuehner, Ruth Schantz Fortino, Betty Birk Nowicki, Sallie Magargle Gery, Doris Dieruff Loux, Marion McCall Bray ’41 Sec., and me. Betty also served on the committee.

The class extends sympathy to Marion Bray, whose sister, Betty McCall Evans ’39, died in June.

NEWS OF 1941-46 Men

NEWS OF 1941

NEWS OF 1939
Reunion May 21-22, 2004

From Elizabeth Batdorf Hummel:

If any of you haven’t attended Founder’s Day, I must urge you to try to get there next year. President Rokke and his wife graciously open their home to us for a lovely reception. It’s a great way to have an informal get-together with old friends. For the chapel program this year, Millie Diefenderfer Thompson was the speaker and was as interesting as always. She, Cleo Funk Rohrbaugh, and I were the only members of our class to attend. Millie brought her daughter and granddaughter with her, and we all enjoyed our lunch together. The following day, Millie and I went to the 50+ breakfast and later stopped to see Lee Shields Butterfield.

Christine Roberts Fraley ’38 spent a few days with me over that weekend, but next year Chris expects to be attending from her own apartment. She plans to move some time in late September.

I’m sorry to report that on June 24, Betty McCall Evans passed away. I had spoken with her sister, Marion McCall Bray ’41, at the Founder’s Day reception and knew that Betty was seriously ill. Our sympathy goes out to Marion and the rest of Betty’s family.

NEWS OF 1938

From the Alumni House:

We reported in the last issue that Ruth Smith Penick had some falls recently. We are happy to hear that there were no falls, and Ruth is just fine.

NEWS OF 1937

NEWS OF 1935

Alumni Weekend 2003: Class of 1953 50th Reunion

Front row: Henrietta Gruber Mooney, Gloria Badel Hilbert, Jane Dreier Feldman, and Sue Ann Henkelman Fortney. Middle row: Charlotte Riggs Bearse, Polly Rayner, and Charlotte Haag Walek. Back row: Ann Hentschel Cutler, Eleanor Simmons MacCormick, and Joan Wagner Koehler.

Photo: Christmas City Studios