Helping Hounds

The summer and fall of 2004 presented a wealth of opportunities for alumni to volunteer and interact with students.

Freshman Picnics

Over 50 alumni attended three area Freshman Welcome Picnics. The picnics were held in the Lehigh Valley at the home of Rick ’77 and Leslie Kingston; Spring Lake, N.J., at the home of the parents of Marianne Speni ’05, Gene and Barbara Speni; and in King of Prussia, Pa., at the home of Dean ’83 and Joanne Belletti Molle ’82. Our hosts and area alumni extended Moravian hospitality to over 100 freshmen and their families.

Freshman Banquet

Dean April Vari and the Alumni Relations staff added a new dimension to this year’s Freshman Banquet by inviting alumni to host 38 tables of freshmen. The alumni hosts provided a unique opportunity for our newest family members to connect with those who have “been there, done that.” Alumni Association vice president Rick Subber and Student Alumni Association president Jackie Collette also spoke to students about developing a lifelong relationship with Moravian.

Family Day Alumni Panels

On October 2, for the second year, Moravian alumni took part in a Family Day panel, entitled “Life after Moravian: An Alumni Perspective about Career Opportunities.” The panel was a hit for students and parents alike. Alumni coordinator Joanne Belletti Molle ’82 recruited six alumni to serve on the panel. The successful alumni panelists shared their perspectives on how Moravian prepared them for the work world and fostered their ability to be successful.

Third Annual Career Networking Reception

Sixty-five alumni came back to Moravian to counsel and connect with over 100 students at the Third Annual Career Networking Reception held on November 9. The reception gives students the opportunity to speak with alumni in their career or field of interest, as well as learn the art of networking. Alumni represented a wide variety of fields including education, graphic design, law, forensic science, dentistry, public relations, and business and finance, to name just a few.

Intro to College Life Panels

Nearly 40 alumni participated in panels consisting of three or four alumni who spoke to one of 15 Intro to College Life classes, a required class for all freshmen. The panelists spoke to the freshmen about their Moravian experience and their careers and life after Moravian. They also shared how their experience at Moravian had been helpful to them, and encouraged the students to take advantage of numerous opportunities available to them while at Moravian. Feedback from professors and alumni who participated has been wonderful as indicated by Dr. Lori Hoffman, associate professor of nursing, who writes, “My team was absolutely perfect— inspirational and supportive Moravian alums. The students participated and asked them questions; and the panel asked the students questions and engaged them as well.”

Monica Bartholomew ’02 talks with Christopher Moonen ’05 at the Freshman Banquet. Chris, a senior advisor, was at the banquet with his freshmen.

Photo: John Kish IV

Mary Yavorski Bender ’81 spoke about careers in government to parents and students at Family Day.
Photo: Davor Photography