Homecoming Houndfest 2004

It was a brisk sunny Saturday on October 16 when close to 2000 alumni attended the Third Annual Homecoming Houndfest. Toting their snacks, beverages, and Moravian paraphernalia, alumni once again crowded the Houndfest Field to watch our 5-0 Greyhounds take on Fairleigh Dickinson at Florham. Our alumni were not to be disappointed as the team won their sixth straight victory, thumping Fairleigh Dickinson 35-27. (Sadly, the team’s winning streak was broken after its seventh straight win.)

Among those alumni returning were the classes of 1984, 1989, 1994, and 1999 to celebrate their respective reunions. The alumni enjoyed spending time catching up with one another and reconnecting after 5, 10, 15, and 20 years!

The KidsFest tent appeared to be quite the hot spot this year with alumni and their children making arts and crafts, and the children trying out the moon bounce. Special thanks to alumna Valerie Hand Morris ’85 for her effort and time in designing the crafts and organizing the tent. KidsFest wasn’t the only tent hopping; the Bookstore was crowded with folks browsing a wide selection of sweatshirts, hats, scarves, blankets and more. The Alumni Office would like to thank all of our homecoming volunteers for their time and effort in making this year’s Houndfest a success! Lynda Farrell Swartz ’86 and Joe Castellano ’61 deserve special praise for their efforts in recruiting 50 volunteers. Next year’s Homecoming is Ocotober 21 and 22.

For additional photos of all alumni events, including the Home Club's second annual exclusive pre-holiday sale, check out our online photo album at
http://home. moravian.edu/public/alurel/album.

Celebrating their fifth reunion at Houndfest 2004, Class of ’99 members Jan Mellon, Gina Stano, Laura Gordon, and Jen Dudyk gather at their tent. After the game, more than 40 alumni from the class attended their reunion get-together at the Old Brewery Tavern.


John Stawiarski ’84 and Dawn Bullaro Stawiarski ’83, Rich Caracio ’85, Joanne Belletti Molle ’82 and Dean Molle ’83 enjoy reconnecting with one another at Houndfest 2004.

Volunteer Megan Laverty learns from one of the best, her mother, Deb Rengel Laverty ’83, at Houndfest 2004.
Houndfest Photos: Gregory M. Fota '69