Far-Sighted Faculty

It’s always nice to find that you’ve been ahead of the game. Robert Stinson, professor emeritus of history and amateur (in every sense) of music, has published an article about using the works of Aaron Copland to help students understand the Depression in the July issue of Magazine of History, the journal of the Organization of American Historians. It’s a print version of a lecture he developed for his History 114 (“America since 1865”) class.

Lisa Fischler, assistant professor of political science, whose doctoral research was about the women’s movement in Hong Kong during the transition from British to Chinese rule, found out, “to my surprise,” she says, “there were 1,000 grassroots women nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize this year. Of the 999 who are named, 108 are from China, Hong Kong, and East Asia. Of the nine from Hong Kong, three are women I interviewed for my research, and one of the nongovernmental organizations listed is a case study in my dissertation.”