Women's Teams on Tour

The women’s basketball team and women’s soccer team covered the British Isles this summer. The Lady Greyhound cagers played exhibition games with teams in Ireland, while the Lady Greyhound footballers played British and Scottish teams before taking a tour around London.

Photo: Lou Lustrino

Above, the soccer team at St. James’s Palace: Casey Simpson ’08, Erin Gonda ’06, Kindal Estes ’06, Jill Vaccaro ’05, Jessica Cordani ’06, Lindsey Lustrino ’07, Alisha Davy ’07, Rachel Davy ’03, palace guard, Lindsay Pohl ’06, Dana DeAngelis ’08, Kristina Adams ’07, Allison Solomita ’08, Kellie Barnes ’08 (top), Robyn Klem ’08 (bottom), Kelly Wight ’08 (red hair), Meghan Boccard ’06, and Jill Newswanger ’08.

Photo: Lorrie Radcliff

Above, the basketball team and coaches at the University of Limerick: coach Dan Tannous, Megan Kocon ’08, Heather MacDonald ’06, Christina Moll ’08, Dianna DeFiore ’06, Nicole Savino ’06, La’Toya Blake ’08, Kelly Applegate ’07, Sara Steinman ’08, Stephanie Seaman ’06, Rachel Berlin ’07, coach Amy Endler ’93, and coach Mary Beth Spirk.