Hail and Farewell

At the final faculty meeting of the year, Moravian honors its exceptional professors. This year’s honorees:

• The Lindback Foundation Award for Distinguished Teaching went to Santo Marabella, associate professor of economics and business, director of the M.B.A. program.

• The Timothy M. Breidegam Memorial Faculty Service Award went to John V. Reynolds, professor of political science.

• The James J. Heller Prize for Distinguished Administrative Service went to Mary Margaret Magyar Gross '72, who joined the staff in 1973 in the Special Sessions Office (later to become the Division of Continuing and Graduate Studies), moved to the Registrar’s Office in 1975, and became registrar in 1993. "It's truly an honor because I worked with Dean Heller for a long time," she said. "He was a mentor to me as well as a wonderful, compassionate human being."

These faculty and staff members retired at the end of the academic year:

• Rudy S. Ackerman, professor of art (39 years).

• Gloria Conrad, director of student services at the Seminary (29 years).

• Hwa Yol Jung, professor of political science (40 years).

• John W. McDermott Jr., professor of education and vice president for planning and research (34 years).

• Alma A. Miles, nursing. At her retirement party, St. Luke’s Hospital Commemorative School of Nursing at Moravian College received a $1,000 gift. Janet Sipple, professor and chair of the nursing program, says it will be given as a scholarship award to a graduating student of the first School of Nursing class, whose members will receive diplomas in 2003.

• Doris J. Schattschneider, professor of mathematics (34 years).

• Maryann K. Weaver, secretary to the Department of Economics and Business (14 years).

Also, Amy R. Baehr, associate professor and chair of the Philosophy Department, will join the faculty of Hofstra University, Long Island, in the fall.