Operation Southern Watch

Those sentiments resurfaced in June 2001, when a call went out for JAG officers to volunteer for deployment to Saudi Arabia. "Deployments are a way to get promoted," Miller explained. "I wanted to show the Corps that I was a team player, so I said yes." As one of the JAG officers supporting Operation Southern Watch (OSW), Miller gained experience in operations law, a hybrid made up of international law (as defined by the Geneva Convention) and fiscal law.

Miller explained that OSW was primarily assigned to enforce the southern no-fly zone over Iraq. Miller was charged with briefing American and British air crews on the rules of engagement, which dictate when and how aircraft may engage one another. "I had to learn all about various weapons systems and have a basic grasp of air combat tactics," Miller said.  He quickly learned how to interpret and apply the law within the framework of the pilots' missions. "I think pilots respect you once they know you respect air combat and the risks they take during every mission," Miller said. 

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