Class Notes

NEWS OF 1983

From the Alumni House:

Robert L. Haas has been named business manager for the Swain School, Allentown. He will oversee its accounting and budgeting operations as well as management of facilities and student transportation. He was formerly the controller at Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital.

Paul Coffelt works as a senior programmer at Elder Health, an HMO in Baltimore. He is also a part-time coach. His wife, Celeste Deininger Coffelt, is a nurse at Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis, Md., and also at Millennium Health and Rehab. They live with their 5-year old son, Kyle, in Pasadena, Md.

Lynn Schwartzbach Mastio is in the national touring company of The Music Man, playing one of the mayor's wife's friends. An M.F.A. graduate of the Goodman School of Drama at DePaul University, Chicago, Lynn was a guest artist at Moravian in 2001, playing Catharine in Tennessee Williams' Suddenly Last Summer.

NEWS OF 1982 - Reunion Homecoming 2002

From the Alumni House:

Pamela Daniels Miller wrote that she remarried on March 1. Her new husband is a widower and father of two children. She will have worked for Pennfield Farms for 20 years in December. Right now she is controller, but this tends to change from time to time.

She continues to visit with Diana Kohlenberger Shoback, the mother of two daughters, and stays in touch with Liz Stevenson Warnock, the mother of four and "crazy as ever!" She catches up through e-mail with Ellen Owermohle Purpura and Christine Heske Taunton.

NEWS OF 1981

From Craig "Kegger" Bartlett:

Attendees at Homecoming 2001 included John Martin, now living on Long Island with his wife, Kathy, a 15-year member of Moravian's admissions office, and daughters Cassidy, 41/2, and Delaney, 11/2. John is an associate professor of political science at Dowling College.

Mike Castles, Stephanie Dalena Akers, Margan Sztuk Mulvaney '82, and Lisa Calabrese Dogden '83 all partied with the Bob Delia '82 group.

On November 17, 2001, Joe Kubrak '82 and his wife, Lisa, hosted a dinner party for Sue and Mike Castles, Dick and Stephanie Akers, George and Margan Mulvaney, Astrid and Walt Wehof, Lisa and Charlie Duggin, and Kegger. Numerous "sociables" were performed over dinner, and even a few rounds of liar's dice were attempted. Sorry, no quarters or beer pong. Age has a way of tempering old habits.

On February 23, the sixth annual Woozfest took place at Moravian. This is held in memory of Chaplain Robert "Wooz" Woosley. This year we also remembered our good friend Noel J. Foster '82, whom we lost at the World Trade Center on September 11. The following attended: Pete Leffler, Ken Liss, Stan Rugis '82, Doug Geiger '82, Dave Dunn '80, Chip Shelley, Dave Wood, Andy Bender, Jeff Gumina, Behrooz Goodarz (who is married to Lisa Ricglane), Mark Kluk '82, Jim Bartow '83, Rich Lempke '83, Bill Parkinson '82, Ed Ford '80, Greg Burchette '83, and Craig Wood '79.

This year's events included lunch at Pott's Hog Dogs (which has become a tradition) and a tour of campus led by alumni relations director Bertie Francis Knisely '69. It is incredible how much the campus has changed since 1981! We also held our annual basketball game, a hard-fought grudge match—fortunately won by the good guys. The pace and athleticism deteriorates every year. Fortunately, no paramedics were needed.

I look forward to hearing from more of our classmates. The Moravian web site ( includes a wide variety of information and ways to contact some of the classmates you're trying to find.

NEWS OF 1980

From Molly Donaldson Brown:

Woody Snyder e-mailed me from Iowa: "I was just browsing in the folk section at the Des Moines Borders recently and made an interesting discovery: CDs from not one but two independent musicians who went to Moravian when we did, John Gorka and Rich Shindell." Woody recalls hearing John on National Public Radio several times, including one interview in which he mentioned Godfrey Daniels in Bethlehem. Woody was a regular there back in our college days and still has one of the famous Coffeehouse T-shirts. "The greatest touring folk musicians came through those doors," he said. He remembers back to when they let patrons in at half price if you arrived during "band break."  

Gorka's five-member group, which called itself the Razzy Dazzy Spasm Band back then, included classmates Russ Rentler, Tim Germer, and Doug Anderson, along with Shindell (who transferred to Hobart College and Union Theological Seminary). Woody adds that band members often would stop by his table to say hello and take requests.

Finding those CDs led Woody to continue his research. He found that Rentler continues to play with his band, Dr. Florentine and the Miracle Cure, around the Lehigh Valley. He, too, has produced a few CDs, available on the web. Rich Shindell now lives in Argentina. Thanks for the updates, Woody! 

As for me, I have a career change of my own to report. A few months ago, my department at Rodale (the international health publishing company) fell victim to a corporate layoff. I am happy to say that in March I was hired by our alma mater's cross-town rival, Muhlenberg College. I am the marketing director for the evening college and accelerated degree programs. This means I will keep you all guessing as to which sweatshirt I'll be wearing the next time the two colleges get together for a football game. Muhlenberg is a wonderful institution, and I'm very proud to be back working in higher education. 

We're short on news this time. Please take a moment to drop me an update via e-mail or my mailbox.

From the Alumni House:

Jordon Kelly and David Ifkovits '83 performed recently at St. Peter's Basilica in Rome! David directed his 40-voice choir, and Jordon was the organist. Concerts followed in Assisi and Basilica of the Apostles in Rome. Their program included the Moravian anthem "It Is a Precious Thing" by Johann F. Peter (namesake of Peter Hall). Jordon and David send their thanks to Monica and Richard Schantz and all they gave to their students!

Lt. Col. Russell Gelormini will be promoted to colonel in the 96th Medical Group. He is diagnostic flight commander/chief of radiology at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida.

NEWS OF 1979

Rachel Toroney ’02 at Commencement with her mother, Kathy Telepchak Toroney ’78.

Photo: Stephen Barth.


Scott McCandless ’02 at Commencement with his father, Jeffrey McCandless, ’76 and his mother, Carol Errera McCandless ’77.

Photo: Stephen Barth.


Rebecca May ’02 at Commencement with her father, Robert May ’74.

Photo: Stephen Barth.