Class Notes

NEWS OF 1964

From Kathleen Cavanaugh:

Hello from Haddonfield! Several months ago, I received an e-mail from Greta Zoe Flint, who reports that in December 2000 she retired from SunTrust Bank in Richmond, Va., where she was in investment operations/funds management. Building on the paralegal classes she had taken several years ago, she has started to take courses in real estate law at the University of Richmond. Her family, parents, and children still live in Pennsylvania, so there are frequent visits to Elizabethtown, Souderton, and Bethlehem.

Greta mentioned that she spoke with Sandy Anderko Kitson before our 25th reunion. At that time, Sandy lived outside Chicago. Let us know what you're up to, Sandy!

P. Chapin Smith Blair has sent me several interesting postcards. Many of you may remember Chapin's ever-present camera, with which she recorded Moravian moments when least expected. She captured football fumbles, biology experiments, dorm predicaments. She's still at it, and her postcards are proof! Chapin and her husband, Don, have settled in Dixon, Ill. She has had several positions with a major film-developing company; and Don, in retirement, teaches at a community college and writes. They have two children, Doug and Mary, and several beautiful (and much photographed!) grandchildren.

Pat Schillinger Hensinger and I have tried to get together several times since we discovered we live eight miles apart, but the best-laid plans seem to fall apart. Pat and her husband travel across the river to Pennsylvania for weekly "granddaughter sitting."

Molly Krater Dinneen truly has "thrown" herself into retirement. During a Vermont skiing trip, the "twisted ankle" on which she continued to ski for two days turned out to be a serious fracture. The result: a cast up to her knee. She says she's "too old to strap two boards onto her feet and hurtle herself down a mountain," but I doubt it!

Keep the news coming by snail mail or e-mail. I want to hear what you all are up to in retirement—or second, third, or fourth careers!

NEWS OF 1963 - Reunion May 30-31

From Bill Leicht:

Marty Garcia, still with CBS in Los Angeles, and Donald Vogel, still with the American Lung Association in Cincinnati, have made recent visits to the Lehigh Valley.

Dick Bedics recently retired as provost of Pensacola Junior College in Milton, Fla. He plans to finish a book and then travel with his wife, Bonnie.

NEWS OF 1962

From the Alumni House:

Lew Halley and his wife, Jane, have relocated from Easton to Boynton Beach, Fla., where they moved to be closer to his daughter Pamela and her family in Delray Beach. Lew retired from teaching in 1995 after 33 years in the Easton Area School District. The Halleys also visit his second daughter in Colorado, and each visit to Denver includes a reunion with former roommate John Schlegel. In June, the get-together included a Phillies-Rockies game.

On February 24, 2001, Lafayette College honored Lew for 36 years of service to Lafayette athletics. During the last timeout of the final regular season basketball game, the athletic director presented him with an engraved clock and a Lafayette varsity jacket. The crowd of 3,200 gave him a standing ovation. Though he served in various capacities over the years, Lew was most recently shot clock operator for men's and women's basketball. Since 1988, when the shot clock was installed, he missed only one game.

NEWS OF 1961

From Sam Maczko:

John Bregman, Ken Sepe, Joe Castellano, and I, with our wives, still see each other regularly. We spent an enjoyable evening together on New Year's Eve. One topic of conversation was an e-mail from our classmate Richard Hartzel.

The Moravian College Magazine reached Richard in Perth, Western Australia, where he has lived for the past 31 years. He has been in all six Australian states and its two federal districts. He welcomes inquiries about the country and invites his classmates to contact him at

Richard works part-time as work experience coordinator for a private co-ed high school. He has been there since 1996 after spending more than 30 years as a teacher of English, history, Latin, and geography. He claims the distinction of being the most distant alumnus, as he is exactly halfway around the world from Bethlehem.

Joe Castellano has been busy with meetings on campus for the re-colonization of Omicron Gamma Omega fraternity. Through his and others' hard work, it is hoped that OGO's proud positive tradition will be revived.

I know our classmates enjoy reading these updates, so please share your news.

From the Alumni House:

Dan Turner retired from the Vestal, N.Y., school system, in which he was an elementary school principal and a coach of high school football and wrestling. (He was quite a running back for the Greyhounds, if you remember, and an MAAC wrestling champ.) Dan and his wife, Barbara, have been married 36 years and have three sons (a chiropractor, a mechanical engineer, and one in medical school) and a granddaughter. Barbara plans to retire from Head Start next year.

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NEWS OF 1958 - Reunion May 30-31

From F. Jarrett ("Dee") DeJulio:

My two sons, Bart and Ken, and I have had two additions and one loss. I have a custom walker with a basket and seat, which allows me to walk far better. The new recliner also works as a bed. I gave up driving last December and donated my car to a worthwhile nonprofit organization. I feel as though my '84 Dodge Omni hatchback, "Rusty," retired in dignity! I use taxis for my local errands.

I am sure many of us look forward to the summer. Gardening (flower and vegetable) will be done as weather permits.

Conserve water, keep your bird feeders filled, and use compost piles. Keep a positive attitude! This is what keeps me going.

I welcome class correspondence.

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A Good Time Was Had by All

At the Boca Raton Alumni Luncheon on January 12, 2002, the attendees were Rebecca Kleintop Owens ’95, Harry E. Dooley ’64, Georgene Billiard Dooley ’63, Concetta Ronca Burke ’50, Robert A. Scheel ’50, Neil P. Eskolin Jr. ’61, Charles R. Gugliuzza ’92, President Ervin J. Rokke, Kathleen Cannon ’86, Jeffrey D. Markoff ’85, William J. Werpehowski ’51, Alice Pulley, Theodore E. Wilde ’60, ’61, John F. Gehring ’71, and Bertie Francis Knisely ’69.