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NEWS OF 1955

NEWS OF 1954

From Helen Desh Woodbridge:

Reunion 2002 was on the minds of several classmates who have contacted me since you last read this column. I heard from Elynor Fishel Rights in Clemmons, N.C., Lois Lutz Geehr in North Wales, Betty Kuss Erney in Houston, Texas, Marian Wagner in Myerstown, Corny Schlotter '57 in Westmont, N.J., and Nancy Zeleski Frantz '52 in Hollywood, Fla.

September 11 was mentioned by many. Lois said her thoughts of "blessings" in her 2001 Christmas letter were challenged by the events of the past year. But in an art exhibit at Pennsylvania School of Art and Design in Lancaster, in which her son Ethan's work was featured among that of 30 top illustrators, she found an answer. The art show's title, "Whatever It Takes," helped her reflect on her four grandchildren and her husband, who enjoys his supply work in spite of impaired vision, which has since stabilized. The economic slowdown affected her job as a copy editor, which has given her so much pleasure; most of her suppliers and project editors were laid off at year's end. But the poetry of Stanley Kunitz and "whatever it takes" enable her to enjoy singing with the wonderful choir of St. Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church in North Wales. 

Pat Nuttall Lewis in Colorado Springs was visiting friends in Phoenix on September 11. She said they played more bridge in three days than in their previous 50 years.

Dorothy Ruyak in Parksville, Md., said her year was pretty normal: the League of Women Voters, theater and museums, a February vacation in Florida with sister Betty, a September trip to visit sister Connie and her husband in Norfolk, Va., where he attended a reunion of his naval unit. Dorothy uses her computer to keep in touch with friends via e-mail. 

Joan Kinard Mercado, Houston, Texas, gave thanks for family and friends, especially after the events of the past year: the effects of tropical storm Allison on Houston's Medical Center and symphony hall, then September 11. She continues her activities with the Houston Symphony, Tuesday Musical Club and chorus, and playing the piano for Houston Ballet classes. She can see her interest in the arts continue in her 13-year-old grandson, who is in the school band and who played Antonio in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. Her son and his wife in Virginia had major parts in their church Easter play. She attended the ordination of son-in-law Dieter as assistant pastor of Ladue Presbyterian Church in St. Louis, and in May came to Princeton, N.J., when her daughter received her Master of Divinity degree. She visited her sister in Gail, Ind., to see her in the show Mame.

Also continuing her interest in the arts is my "big sister," Fran Webber Horton '52, a volunteer musician for Christmas programs and musicals at their church, St. Andrews, in Audubon. She has been working on a watercolor painting project of the Philadelphia Academy of Music with people entering a concert. In a July trip with her husband to the French Alps, she said they found an "artists' paradise" at Les Contamine Mont Joie, near Mont Blanc.

Shirley Beck Dutt has fond memories of their week in December at Sanibel Island, Fla., with her three brothers and their wives. She especially enjoyed the time spent with her brothers as they shared genealogy information, each from his or her own perspective, on their family. Another awesome experience was the sight of the successful takeoff of the shuttle Endeavor. Shirley had planned to visit classmate Adine MacGregor, only to learn of her death in December 2000.

Glad to receive cards from Milly Drake in Boyertown, Grace Reed MacMurtrie, Jan Byram Cook in Wyckoff, N.J., and Pat Miller Scott in Woodstock, Conn.

NEWS OF 1953 - Reunion May 30-31

NEWS OF 1952

From the Alumni House:

Xenia Lychos Filipos has had her biography published Who's Who in America 2002, the American Biographical Institute's 15th edition of World Who's Who of Women, and Who's Who in 20th-Century America.

NEWS OF 1951

From Carol Buechner McMullen:

I was saddened to learn of the death of Glenn Koplin, husband of Fern Bachman Koplin. His funeral was attended by classmates Janet Fabian Andre and Paul, Jane Kincaid Missimer and Sam, Betsey Sherer Freas and Charlie, Vanita Egge Marvin, and June Shafer Scholl. On behalf of our class, I extend our condolences to Fern.

Byrdie Loveless Jackson traveled to Williamsburg, Va., with daughter Chris Jackson Gratz '71. Then she took her family to Scotland for a fantastic nine days. She spent a week in Orlando, Fla., with daughters Chris and Kathy, then flew to Illinois, where she met sister Margaret Loveless Browne '47 for a visit with cousins.

Debbie Irwin Fleagle enjoyed a trip to Thailand, where she understood why the country has been described as "the land of smiles." One highlight was an hour-long ride on an elephant. In Vietnam, she saw the former prison camp, the "Hanoi Hilton," and Halong Bay, where Senator John McCain was shot down during the Vietnam War.  

Nancy Oplinger Dover and her husband, Ed, visited Baltimore, Md., for a Pan Am convention, where Ed signed his book The Long Way Home. They enjoyed a boat trip around the Inner Harbor that included a stop at Fort McHenry, where the original star-spangled banner waved. Nancy also toured the cemetery where Edgar Allan Poe is buried. They're planning a trip to Florida, where Ed has another book signing as well as research at the University of Miami. They also will visit friends and relatives and explore the state on a driving trip from West Palm Beach down to Key West and then up the west coast.

Paul and Janet Fabian Andre have left their old homestead in Pleasant Valley and moved to Orefield. I know we all wish them happiness in their new home.

NEWS OF 1950

NEWS OF 1949

From Norma Boldt Wynne:

Christmas holidays brought a note from Posie Bosek Clymer. Since the last report in this column, Posie and her husband, Ell, have traveled to Greece, Turkey, and Egypt, and spent a month in Africa. Last winter they had a fantastic experience in Antarctica and then this past summer, they toured Britain and Ireland. Posie wrote that their "must see" list is getting short because it's getting more difficult to travel. Maybe that new great-grandchild has something to do with staying closer to home. Congratulations!

Faye Werley Jurden dropped me a note to tell me they're all fine. Her husband, John, still enjoys drawing daily political cartoons. Their first grandchild was a year old in October, and Faye enjoys watching her grow and learn. Her daughter Jan enjoys being a judge in the Superior Court, where every case is different and interesting. Faye also reports that her daughter Jennifer has been promoted to vice president at her bank.

I just spoke to Louise Scott Gross and was sorry to learn that her husband, Bob, died March 4. Louise told me things had not gone well for Bob when he was admitted to the hospital after a fall. Nothing was broken, but a slow decline set in. He died in his sleep, very peacefully, at the hospital. Our deepest sympathy to Louise and her family.

My daughter Linda and I went to Florida at the end of October and enjoyed the beach and the ocean between the Florida showers. Then we came home to an exciting November: My youngest grandson was born to my son and his wife on November 1, and my oldest grandson was married November 24. It was a busy and happy month for the Wynne family.

Just remember that old saying: "No news, no column!" Please write, call, or e-mail to let us know how you are and what you're doing.

From the Alumni House:

Faye Werley Jurden and her husband, John, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a renewal of their vows. Faye's daughter arranged the event as a surprise for her parents.

Matthew Seaman '02 with his brother, Jon Seaman '00, his sister, Stephanie Seaman '06, an incoming freshman, and his father, Jonathan Seaman '69.

Photo: Stephen Barth.


Erica Pysher '02 at Commencement with her mother, Marcia Cook Pysher '66.

Photo: Stephen Barth.